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One of the most popular weight loss and wellbeing programmes since the 1990s has come from the Zumba fitness craze. Zumba fitness, is a dance workout that was developed by Alberto Perez a colombian personal trainer. The excercise regime lasts for about an hour and participants can burn between 500 and 1000 calories . This is obviously depending on their energy output during a session.  What makes Zumba so popular is that the programme involves dance. The styles of music and dance include inter alia hip-hop, salsa, mambo,merengue and samba.

The advent of the games console brough the concept of fitness in the home one step closer. It was only a matter of time before sport and fitness accessories entered the world of gaming. Tennis and golf were rapid entrants into these ineractive games and fitness routines followed close by.

Zumba fitness by Wii

Neither Nintendo nor Microsoft were slow in grabbing the opportunity to corner the fitness market. Numerous early versions were released including the Wii fit that also came with a step accessory which enabledd the player to measure their weight and other vitals. Ten years later with the growth of the Zumba fitness phenomenon, the games console fitness programme is still going strong.

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Zumba fitness is the excercise solution to weight loss that juicing is to the diet. It’s intense and effective. We all know that exercise can become addictive, its the getting onto the habit thats the hard part. Once the Zumba trainee has developed a routine even once the weight is all gone, they will love the habit. The second version of this Wii game offers individual and multiplayer options meaning that the shy exerciser can maintain their routine in the privacy of their home. Those who love to participate in group dance will enjoy this diamond of a game by competing against their friends and family. With 20 different dance styles and 32 new dances routines the secnd version of this game is not be missed. The game caters for all fitness levels so its a really good opportunity to lose that flab, without having to pay gym fees.

Zumba fitness by Xbox

Before you rush to buy this one ensure that you have a Kinect sensor for your Xbox. Without this you wont be able to play the game and get superfit. While the Xbox version of this fitness sensation has nine different dance stles, they are more than enough to get even the biggest Zumba enthusiast busy.  There are 30 different workout routines with the possibility to compete against a friend or family member. This means this great game can be used to get fit and lose weight quickly.

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Bring both the dance floor and the gym right into your home, where you can enjoy some competitive entertainment while losing weight and getting fit. Five different game modes and multiple dance tracks mean that you can manage a different routine every day if you want to. There is plenty of variety in this fun way to get fit. Get the children involved as you explore different venues and they realise they can beat you at something.

Dancing is fun but do you need the space?

It’s a wonderful feeling to have the gym or the dance floor in your living room. Sometimes the space can be at a premium especially when using a games console and it’s accessories. If youre using the Xbox with a Kinect you may want to consider one the coolest gadgets to come out since the sensor itself. The Super zoom for Kinect Xbox 360.

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When space is at a premium and you need to bring the sensor in closer by zooming, this is the gadget to add to your arsenal. You’ll experience a reduction in space by up to 40% with most compatible Xbox games. Wow that really makes a difference.

With the console, the games, the accessories, your’e all ready to go and Zumba full steam ahead. Aim for the next level as you go along and youd be surprised how quickly you get to take your body back.

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