Writing Gifts: Novel Ideas For People Who Love To Pen

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Do The Write Thing – Snap Up A Bargain At Flubit!

Looking for a present for someone who’s writing a novel, loves to pen poetry or has hundreds of ideas just screaming out to be published? We’ve got the perfect solution right here at Flubit. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether they’re a nearly-novelist or simply enjoy writing letters to friends and relatives, we’ve put together a selection of writing gifts to suit everyone.

From books on how to get by in the creative writing business and noteworthy notebooks to perfect pens and ink, you’ll find all the best writing gifts in one place – Flubit!

So, whether your mate, Arthur, is determined to become an author, or your sister, Cath, is busy penning a comedy, there’s something for every type of creative writer in our selection.

Here are just a few of our favourites:

You’ve Got A Book In You by Elizabeth Sims

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Unlock the secrets to good book writing for just £9.57

Author Elizabeth Sims believes we’ve all got a book in us (and let’s face it, she’d know), it’s just a case of searching for it and having the courage to unlock it. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get published so if you’ve got an idea, this handy book will give you all the guidance you need on how to write the book of your dreams – without the stress.

Millionaire Author : The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Writing a Book Everyone Wants to Read by Stephanie J Hale
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Attempt to be ‘Rowling’ in it for only £9.58

JK Rowling has to be the best example of a millionaire author. We bet she never imagined she’d be rich beyond her wildest dreams when she sat penning Harry Potter in cafes, virtually penniless. This book helps you finish your book and shows you how to make your story attractive to journalists and TV producers, with solid advice. There really is hope for us all, it’s just a matter of coaxing that book out of your head and onto paper!

Parker Jotter Victoria Violet CT Ballpoint Pen

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A true classic and only £12.88

Putting pen to paper is beginning to feel like a vintage pastime, thanks to our reliance on smartphones and laptops. But it’s still by far the easiest way to jot down ideas and make notes (there’s no autocorrect spelling mistakes or dodgy emoticons to contend with)! We reckon every aspiring writer should own a Parker pen at some point in their lives, so why not buy one as a gift for your friend or relative and who knows – maybe one day it’ll help them write something amazing!

Caithness Glass Ocean Coral Flower Paperweight

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Worth its weight in glass and only £90.45

And for those who like to stack their desks, shelves or even the floor with hundreds of loose, scraggy pieces of paper, this Caithness paperweight is one of the most thoughtful, pretty and practical writing gifts you can get your hands on here at Flubit.

More Writing Gifts Than You Can Shake A Pen At

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