Epilator for women – a grooming gift for her

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An epilator is not a razor. When buying one it is important to remember this. Women have a love hate relationship with hair. Whether it’s the hair on their heads, underarm hair or their legs, or even elsewhere, that relationship is one for life. The range from Braun has been developed to suit any pocket and resolve those relationship issues.


At the bottom of the pricing scale is the Silk Epil 3 leg and body epilator, sporting 20 tweezers. This is a more compact model and great for travel. Built in with the Smartlight, means that you don’t have to miss a single hair.  Hair left lying flat is picked up with the Softlip tips. This model also comes with dual speed action too.

Silk Epil 3 Epilator

Following hot on the heels of the Silk Epil 3 is the Silk Epil 5 and wow does this epilator punch above its weight! With 40 close grip tweezers you can expect up to four weeks of silky smooth skin. The massage rollers take the edge of that plucking sensation and after a few uses it becomes hardly noticeable. You’ll find seven extra accessories in the package. A shaver head turns it into a two in one, there’s also a sensitive are cap, trimmer cap, facial cap, skin contact, cap massage cap and a cooling glove. No electrical issues either as this epilator can be washed under running water. As with it’s junior counterpart it also has a Smartlight and comes with different speeds.

Silk 5 womens epilator

As you progress across the diverse range of women’s epilators you will discover the world of the wet and dry epilators with the Silk Epil 5-541 wet and dry from Braun. This little gem has 28 microgrip tweezers that remove hair as small as a grain of sand. Designed with an anti slip grip, you can keep going even in wet and slippery conditions. A high frequency massage system is responsible for stimulating the skin thus providing a more comfortable epilation experience. The Epil 5-541 has extras including a shaver and a trimmer and repeated use becomes a pain free experience. A multi use compact epilator that fits snugly into your handbag is what any girl would want. The Silk Epil 5-541 meets that requirement hands down.

Braun Epil 5-541Epilator

For those that like to enjoy the best of everything, enter the Silk Epil 9-558 wet and dry cordless epilator. The Rolls Royce of this selection you will find this piece of beauty technology hard to beat. In comparison to the pother Braun epilators , the four weeks smooth skin is not just a great idea but a reality. The epilation head that is now 40% wider will remove more hair in one stroke than the others and even nabs the ones that waxing leaves behind. The facial epilator removes facial hair with precision and the unit comes with three extra accessories. In the box you will find some extra goodies too such as a face epilator, a high frequency massage cap and a skin contact cap.

Silk Epil 9 Epilator

For those that do not know; epilators are not an electric razor, they do not shave hair. An epilator is a superfast set of multiple electric tweezers and some models include a shaving head. That is why some users consider them a little uncomfortable to use. However, the results are far superior to shaving because hair is removed at the follicle rather than simply cut off where it protrudes from the skin.

Regular epilator users will tell you that the hair becomes thinner and softer over time and grows a lot slower. This means that they have a longer lasting long term desired effect.

Whether you’re looking at epilators as a gift or to spoil yourself with, you cannot go wrong with the Silk Epil range. Braun have been manufacturing epilators for a long time and so have notched up some quality products that are popular.


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