Wildlife Documentaries For Those With A Natural Curiosity

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Take A Walk On The Wild Side With Our Amazing DVD Selection

If you’re a lover of animals and the amazing natural wonders of our planet, we’ve got the perfect selection of DVDs for you. Whether you like to delve deep beneath the ocean and discover mysterious sea creatures or prefer to stay on dry land and get a sneaky peek at the silent predators you’d never want to come face-to-face with in real life, you’ll find the best wildlife documentaries to suit your tastes right here at Flubit.

From classic David Attenborough and documentaries on some of the most ferocious animals on earth to tips on how to encourage wildlife into your garden, there are dozens of wildlife documentaries just waiting to be snapped up!

Here are just some of the wildlife documentaries rocking our natural habitat right now:

BBC Earth – Attenborough: 60 Years In The Wild

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Wildlife footage doesn’t get better than this – and it’s only £8.91

We couldn’t not feature David Attenborough in our pick of the best, he is the king of wildlife documentaries after all. But can you believe he’s been in the business for over 60 years? Impressive stuff, right? Well, this DVD takes a look back at the unparalleled changes in natural history witnessed by the great man during his long career. A must for naturalists of all ages.

Richard Hammond’s Miracles Of Nature

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Get the lowdown on nature’s biggest miracles for just £11.38

If you’re a fan of Top Gear (or The Grand Tour), you’ll love Miracles Of Nature, presented by Richard ‘The Hamster’ Hammond. Join him on his quest to reveal the extraordinary super-powers of the animal kingdom. Using high-speed, microscopic and UV photography, you’ll discover the secrets of how animals like owls, giraffes, vultures and fish really work, in a series of compelling experiments. A must for anyone who loves a combo of nature and science.

BBC Wild Down Under

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Croc ’n’ roll for just £5.36

Australasia has a wealth of weird and wonderful animals, from cuddly koalas to killer crocodiles and what better way to view them all, than from a very safe distance! Allow your TV screen to get you closer to an astonishing world of wildlife that’s unique to this stunning part of the planet.

Fascination Coral Reef 3D: Mysterious Worlds Underwater

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Discover a deeper dimension for just £10.31

If you love creatures of the deep, this fantastic documentary won’t disappoint! Explore what’s beneath the Maldives –  some of the world’s most stunning coral forests – in eye-popping 3D! Cool, colourful and guaranteed to amaze, get breathtaking access to The Pearls of The Indian Ocean and make friends with vibrant fish, busy sea turtles and a whole array of rich reef life.

More Wildlife Documentaries Than You Can Shake A Remote Control At

Want To Get Wilder? Our latest Pinterest board gives you access to some of the most stunning natural wonders on the planet.

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