What’s new in EA Sports UFC 2?

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Connor McGregor

UFC is one of the fastest-growing spectator sports in the world, and the good news for fans of MMA is that the sport’s popularity has spawned some excellent games in the form of EA Sports’ official UFC franchise. The release of UFC 2 couldn’t have been better timed, with high-profile fights including Conor McGregor’s defeat at the hands of Nate Diaz whetting fans’ appetites around the world. So, what’s new for the latest instalment of MMA’s most popular video game? Let’s take a look.

The cover stars

No surprises here, as the sport’s two most identifiable characters grace the cover of the follow-up to EA Sports’ first UFC title. Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey replace Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafson as the game’s cover stars, reflecting the huge rise in the popularity of women’s MMA. Rousey is set to fight current bantamweight champion Miesha Tate later this year, in a resumption of one of the sport’s great rivalries.


UFC 2 has been described as ‘vastly improved’ from the last title, and EA Sports have certainly lavished much attention on ensuring that the gameplay is as rewarding as possible. Perhaps the most significant update to the gameplay is the addition of a new physics-based hit reaction and knockout system, designed to make knockouts all the more satisfying. There’s also a new standing submission system to look forward to, as well as the adoption of submission chaining and revisions to the grappling, dodge and ground fighting dynamics. UFC 2 promises to be more playable and more satisfying than ever.

Play as Boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Graphics and detail

EA Sports want their new game to be as realistic and immersive as possible. They’ve exploited the power of the Xbox One and the PS4 to reproduce some visually stunning graphics – the fights look extremely visceral and believable. There’s also great attention to detail. Detailed walkouts and celebrations, crowd animations and official licensing help to drive home the realism, putting you right there in the Octagon with your favourite fighters.

What else?

EA proudly boasts that UFC 2 has the deepest roster of fighters of any MMA game, so there’s the potential for more match-ups than ever before. Fans of other EA Sports titles will know all about Ultimate Team – EA’s sports/trading card crossover that lets you build your own team of fighters and improve their abilities with consumable items. A new KO Mode lets you dispense with grappling and submissions and simply knock the tar out of one another until one fighter hits the mat. Online features include live events, which let players predict the outcome of real match-ups and advance up the online leader boards.

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