We Went Plant Shopping!

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We got some new office plants! 

After a dull cold winter, a few employees suggested we add to our plant collection to brighten up Flubit HQ more and prepare for summer, so that’s just exactly what we decided to do!

I, Lydia and Rick took a little trip down to Bethnal Green to select plants that would look great around the office. 

Plant shopping

There were so many plants to chose from, we wanted them all but we had a budget to stick to and if we did, our hay fever would be sky high this summer. 

They had some really funky plants that we had never seen before, colourful cactuses, monkey cups and echeveria blue curls. 

Monkey cup plant
Hairy cactus

Here are all the plans we decided to get.

All the plants

Now the office looks a lot more fresh and green. Hopefully, Flubit’s collection of plants will grow more and we can have our very own indoors Flubigarden! 

plant in office
Plant in office

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