Ways to Make Student Halls Feel Like Home

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Are you making the big move to university this year? For some students, it can be a bit scary moving away from home into halls for many reasons such as not knowing anyone to living in a plain box room. There are many ways you can make your new home feel like your family home which will help you get settled in straight away. Here are a few ways you can make your new room feel like home:

Photo wall

1- Place photos of family and friends around your new room.

2- Don’t forget to save some space for wall decorations and posters.

3- Burn candles or  incense that remind you of home.

4- Invest in some lighting to set the mood, fairy lights are great!

5- Bring your own bedding and pillows.

6- Bring your pet! Okay, maybe not but why not get some sea monkeys!

7- Arrange your bedroom furniture similar to home.

8- Add some colour.

9- Remind yourself why your attending university.

10- Get a calendar and create a routine.

11- Put up a book shelf.

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