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Modern washing machines are probably the most time efficient devices that merged from 20th century technology. Thing is, humans have a short memory and we only need to have two generations that have enjoyed the tech to have forgotten what it was like without it. Modern washing machines are however leaving the older models behind as technology avalanches with new developments every other week. The only risk we now face is that our machines become viewed as disposable.

Washing machines not like youve seen before

As technology advances so do the appliances that we use in our homes. Washing machines are no different. How quickly we have advanced from the old tub and mangle. Now we have the automatic machine that can sense the load weight, dirt and type. It would seem that every manufacturer has entered the race to see who can produce the machine with the greatest technological capacity. From adding clothing after the machine has been switched on, to removing stains, the housewifes dream machines have arrived!

There are many different reasons why a person will choose a particular machine. So making recommendations can be difficult when it’s a perfect stranger that asks. Nevertheless once you know which whistles and bells tickle your fancy, you’ll know which high tech machine is perfect for you.

The Hotpoint Ultima S

Hotpoint washing machines Hotpoint RPD9467JGG Ultima S-Line 9kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine Graphite only £355.4 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionGet powerful stain removal and large capacity cleaning with the stylish Hotpoint Ultima S-line RPD9467JGG Washing Machine in graphite. Anti-Stain power With…Go to Product

Washing machines come in all shapes and sizes. freestanding, integral, slimline and standard. The usual references are then followed by the special features when you look over any advert. So what makes the Hotpoint Ultima such as special model? Those stain removal options that I mentioned earlier. With over a hundred different stain types that can be reduced at temperatures of between 20 and 30 degrees. Apart from the obvious energy saving that comes from washing at lower temperatures, the wash cycles speeds up too.  Add to this the fact that drum capacity has increased from 5 or 6 kg to nearly double at 9kg, more washing can be done in less time. With 16 different wash cycles the Hotpoint Ultima S can certainly tackle anything. The special bedding cycle makes getting your bedding clean a dream operation.

If you havent blinked yet, then maybe the last little feature might make it happen. This machines cleans itself. Dont worry about having to get down and dirty to keep the machine in good nick.

Samsung – a household name

Samsung Washing machines Samsung WW90J5456MW/EU A+++ 9kg 1400 Spin 12 Programmes Washing Machine in White only £407.48 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionWash Load: 9.0 kg/ 19.80 lbs Washer Spin Speed: 1400 rpm Guarantee: 5 Years by Redemption…Go to Product

It had to happen eventually. Of course coming from the South Korean giant that also manufactures mobile phones this is not a surprise. Samsung now make connecting your home appliances to the rest of the world a simple exercise. You can now troubleshoot any problems that your machine is experiencing from your mobile phone. using Smatcheck you can pick up and analyse any problems with the machine before you have to call out a technician. This could save you a lot money money when its only a sock stuck in the pump, or a hairclip in the sump, both of which can be dealt with easily.

Set the mobile tech aside and you find yourself with a machine that also has incredible tech. With Ecobubble technology the machine combines air with the water and detergent to spread the detergent evenly and create a better wash. Also boasting stain removal technology and 12 different wash programmes, the machine competes well as a mid range model.

Montpelier – The new kid on the block

Montpellier MW7112P 7kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine in white only £228.76 on Flubit.comBrief Description1200rpm 7kg Washing Machine Class A+ White…Go to Product

Montpelier is a brand name you may not have heard of before, althugh they have been up and running for about five years now. Launched in the UK in 2012 they are a UK brand. Competing with both entry and mid range machine brands, they often offer quality at a better price than the well known brands. With a 7kg drum, this machine can still handle loads that it’s predecessors could not. Sporting a whopping 15 wash programmes it competes with higher cost models in the same range from other manufacturers too.

With a focus on eco friendly washes, environmental sustainability is what makes this machine unique. It boasts a 15 minute wash cycle. You can get a quick wash done on the day that you forgot to put your work shirt in the wash. Anyone would be hard pressed to find another machine on the market that does this. So if you live a pressurised life and want a modern machine that get you out of a laundry fix in a jiffy, this is the one.

No matter what youre preferences or your laundry desires. Once of these three machines will more than likely meet them. ordering online has nevver been so easy nor has home delivery. Go on, you know you want one.


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