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For the last 5 years Flubit.com has been the largest independent marketplace in the UK. It has 10s of millions of everyday items available to sell – from video games to vacuum cleaners, from that latest scent to the collar for your dog.

In November 2018 Flubit.com introduced a seamless method for customers to pay with Crypto Currency, making Flubit.com the largest destination in the world to buy everyday items using crypto currency. Feel free to checkout with crypto or see this step-by-step guide to understand just how easy it is. 

An example of the simple final payment screen for Crypto orders


Every day c.$15BN is transacted with Crypto Currency, and those people want somewhere to spend their coins in exchange for real-world items. Making cryptocurrency accessible to all is the #1 the philosophy behind what the people behind this drive (MonetaryUnit) are here to deliver. 

Having your community/coin/token as a payment option on Flubit.com can generate additional demand for the purchase of your coin. Flubit.com are currently accepting applications for the Winter 18/19 season for those who wish to see their coin listed.

Currently a 4-month season pass is free, but requires a fully-refundable 50k $MUE security deposit (see converter here).  Terms and Conditions apply.  

Selecting a currency and paying is easy for users


If you are interested in growing the demand, usage and validity of the coin/community your involved with listed, please complete the form below:    



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