Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Perfect Date

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We’ve put together a few Valentine’s Day ideas – and tips to make your romantic 14th February plans a success.

Pull off the perfect Valentine’s Day date with our hints for making your plans run smoothly, from dinner tips to last-minute travel reminders.

Celebrate at home and snack on cinema-worthy treats without the price tag. We’ll help you set your stay-home date apart from a regular night in front of the TV.

And if you’re planning on joining the 40% of all proposals that take place between Christmas and Valentine’s Day?  We’ve even got a couple of hints for you too.

But let’s start at the very beginning.


Get the Basics Right

Card + gift + chocolates or flowers… that sounds about right to us.

We’ve got plenty of Valentine’s Day gift ideas so now it’s just up to you to make great choices. So, no pressure or anything.


Don’t Forget Your Passport!

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Taking a romantic trip abroad? Great plan!

If you’re springing a surprise trip on your other half, just remember to give them a chance to pack

their passport and essentials.  Get the paperwork covered too. Check your luggage meet the luggage restrictions and make sure you’ve got all the insurance and documents you need for your destination.

A couple of hints on the destination wouldn’t go amiss either. Nobody wants to spend their beach holiday in snow boots.


Making Dinner Reservations?

Dining out on 14th February? Service can be unpredictable when every restaurant is filled with two-cover tables.

Some operate a quick turnover on Valentine’s Day, but in others you might find yourself waiting as little longer than usual.

Arrive in plenty of time so you don’t miss your reservation (finding an alternative on the night won’t be fun). But be ready to get a drink at the bar if your table’s not ready yet.

Plan ahead, and give yourself room for manoeuvre if you’re rushing to a show or a movie afterwards.

In summary, it could be the fastest set menu service you’ve ever seen. Or it could be a long wait between arrival and taking a first bite of your starter. Be ready for anything!


Spending Valentine’s Day at Home?

Take a little time to get your surroundings looking great – a little effort goes a long way.

Plump up the cushions (these Grey Opulence Cushions are pretty great, if you ask us). Vacuum the floor. Use the good plates.

This is actually a pretty good rule for making any special occasion feel that little bit more special.

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Cooking a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner?

Our top tip is, double and triple check your recipe. You don’t want to be making a last-minute supermarket dash in the middle of cooking.

And you really don’t want to get half way through and realise your impressive homemade pizza dough takes longer than you thought. Stress isn’t particularly romantic.

Need a new menu for your next dinner for two? We’ve got you covered, try Easy Home Cooking: Italian Style for inspiration.


Plan the Ultimate Valentine’s Movie Night

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Do you have a fairy tale romance like Cinderella, a classic Pride and Prejudice style one, or an unconventional love affair with added zombies?

Whatever your couple style, it’s easy to make your Valentine’s movie night more than just another night in front of the TV.

Popcorn is the ultimate way to make your home movie nights extra fancy. You can pop your own in minutes to capture that true home cinema feeling.

Next, get the lighting right. And last but not least, take a hint from real movie theatres and ban mobile phones.

Save scrolling as you half-watch the film for another time, and enjoy the movie together.


Get Your Valentine’s Day Proposal Just Right

Planning a Valentine’s Day proposal? Congratulations to the future happy couple!

Concentrate on the main question by all means, but get the essentials in order too. You’ll kick yourself later if you’re so caught up in the moment that you forget the tickets, your wallet, the ring…

You get the idea.

Besides, those planning skills will come in handy later once you’re preparing for the big day. Meet your first post-proposal purchase…

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Make Your Memories Last

If you want to make it a day to remember, save the little things. Take a travel journal on your romantic mini-break or finally get round to printing those photos.

Keep tickets from your theatre trip, write down that funny thing you’re laughing at in the picture you took.

It’s the perfect way to make it more than just a day.

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