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Reading with our children is one of the best things that we can do as parents. Not only is it great for their learning and development, but it also is good bonding time for you both too. The trouble is, deciding on what books to read. There are so may fantastic stories to choose from that it can feel a bit overwhelming at times.

Rather than worrying about what your next read could be, we are here to help. We have put together some of the ultimate reads in kids books. All to give you the inspiration to try some of them out for yourself.

Any of the kids books by Roald Dahl

Every so often an author comes along who inspires generation after generation. Roald Dahl is one of them. This literary genius has been a family favourite for years and if you have ever read through one of his kids books (which we hope you have) then it is easy to see why! You can introduce your children to some of his best loved characters with this fascinating postcard set, which is ideal if you are picking which is the next classic that you are going to read!

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Harry Potter

If you have an older child then chances are that they are going to love Harry Potter. The story of a boy wizard and his friends, this collection of stories have been able to capture the imagination of kids and adults around the world, and are the ideal books to share. Right from the first book where you first meet Harry to the last when you see how much he has grown, you are sure to fall in love with the world of Hogwarts!

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Charlottes Web

It might be a little on the sad side, but there is something pretty amazing about the classic tale of Charlottes Web. This story of a pig, a girl and a spider is so good that it was even made into a movie. However, to really enjoy it as best you can, we recommend that you read the book with your little one first. We also recommend this as a story for those kids who are not a massive fan of spiders, as it may really help with their fear as well as being a thoroughly awesome kids book!

The Gruffalo

If you have a younger child then you may want to start with a slightly gentler kids book. Julia Donaldson is an amazing author of books for younger children and her stories are not only packed full of amazing characters but also lots of fun and adventure too. There are a real wealth of stories that you can choose from in her catalogue, but one that really sticks out has to be The Gruffalo. A tale of a mouse who is trying to stay away from a rather scary beast that lives in the woods!

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Dr Seuss

Fancy reading something a little silly when it comes to kid’s books? They don’t come much sillier than Dr Seuss. These awesome tales may not make a whole lot of sense but they are great fun to read. There are a whole variety of crazy characters and stories that you can choose from, and they are sure to have you both smiling before bed.

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So, now you know. There are some real classic kids books out there that are just crying out to be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Why not check them out for yourself and see if you can find the ultimate bedtime read for you and your little one?

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