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If you’re looking for a real page-turner our best true crime books is just the thing to keep you gripped to the very end. All of our crime books below are based on true crime stories, be prepared to be gripped and shocked by some of the most terrifying crime stories through history. Shop all of our books below.

Victorian Murders

Flick through 56 Victoria cases of murder, which were covered in the weekly penny journal ‘the illustrated police news’ between 1867 and 1900. Some of the stories are famous and some are less known, but all are true crimes.

Victorian Murders (True Crime) only £10.36 on Flubit.comBrief Description

This book features fifty-six Victorian cases of murder covered in the sensational weekly penny journal the Illustrated Police News…
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Serial Killers: shocking, Gripping True Crime Stories Of The Most Evil Murderers

Read 50 of the most vicious murders in world history undergone by serial killers. With the advances of modern police investigation, you’ll explore 50 serial killer cases known in history.

Serial Killers: Shocking, Gripping True Crime Stories of the Most Evil Murderers only £5.92 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionAlthough the phenomenon has probably existed throughout human history, it is only advances in modern police detection methods that have…Go to Product

When Kids Kill: Unthinkable Crimes Of Lost Innocence

Written by Jonathan Paul, this true crime book looks into the shocking crimes of the lost innocence, when kids kill. This book also goes on a journey to understand if evil is learned and explores beyond the shocking newspaper headlines to investigate why these crimes happen.

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My Italians: True Stories Of Crime and Courage

Explore some of Italy’s true crime stories, written by Roberto Saviano, who is an Italian journalist and author of various books including the international best seller ‘Gomorrah’, which has sold over 10 million copies in 15 languages.

My Italians: True Stories of Crime and Courage only £7.4 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionReview A symbol of the writer as crusader; brave, unyielding, shining a light into some of the world’s darkest corners….Go to Product

Eric Edgar Cooke: The True Story Of The Night Caller

The night caller is just one of the names used to describe one of the most brutal serial killers in Australian history. Learn all about Eric Edgar Cooke over the 5 years that he murdered 8 people and attempted to murder 14 others in this thrilling serial killer biography.

Eric Edgar Cooke: The True Story of The Night Caller: Historical Serial Killers and Murderers – Just £7.71

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