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Traveling with a mobile

Here at Flubit HQ we’re all scrambling to book up our holiday dates for the summer – holiday season is fast approaching and we all want to make the most of the warm summer weather! Are you going anywhere exciting this year? Global travellers can now choose to visit a host of exotic destinations thanks to cheap air travel, effective inoculations and the convenience of modern technology. Our smartphones are invaluable travel companions boasting currency conversion apps, foreign language translation apps and a way to contact friends and family when we miss the comforts of home. Could your mobile phone do even more for you while on your travels? Take a look at these fantastic mobile accessories for travellers – all available for a bargain price through!

For road trips

Belkin Rotating Universal In Car Window and Dash Mount Holder

Road trips make for fantastic holidays. The freedom of the open road, the unfettered sense of adventure and the chance to experience a country in a totally unique way make the road trip a truly unmatched holiday experience. Whether you’re exploring America’s highways, touring the Australian coast with your surfboard in tow or getting to know the British Isles a little better, perfecting the atmosphere inside your car is crucial. This in-car smartphone holder is perfect if you want to use your trusty mobile as a sat-nav and jukebox during your road trip. It’ll securely hold your phone in place while on the move, and is suitable for iPhones, Samsung units and many other smartphone models.


For beach parties and rooftop raves

Creative Sound Blaster FRee Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Travelling is a great way to meet new people. Whether it’s the nice family who shared a chalet with you during your last Alpine ski adventure or the group of backpackers you bumped into on the beach in Thailand, friends made travelling can easily become friends for life. Chance encounters are often the best encounters, so make sure you’re ready for those impromptu rooftop raves and beach parties with the right tech. This incredible portable Bluetooth speaker by Creative is just the thing to turn a few drinks with friends into a full-on party. Bluetooth connectivity means you won’t have to faff about with wires, and a built-in subwoofer means there’s plenty of oomph to bring your music to the masses.


For long journeys

Sony MDR-ZX770BN

The worst thing about travelling is undoubtedly getting there. Sure, there’s a certain excitement connected with climbing aboard a plane, train, coach or ferry in search of pastures new, but pretty soon that exciting journey will become a tedious slog. You’ll need to keep yourself amused during a long-haul flight or overnight coach trip, and fortunately, your smartphone will be only too happy to oblige. Keep the tunes coming and the movies flowing with a good pair of earbud headphones. These incredible noise-cancelling buds from Bose rival full-size cans for their sound softening ability, so you’ll soon be able to tune out the baby screaming and crying a few seats over. Alternatively, these Plantronics Bluetooth headphones mean you won’t have to grapple with a tangle of wires every time you want to take something from your backpack.


For adventurers

LUPO® Waterproof iPad Tablet Bag

If lounging on beaches, dining in a trattoria and sloping around museums isn’t really your thing, then you’re probably a fan of the adventure holiday. For you a break from the humdrum means hurtling down a mountain, leaping out of a plane or plunging into the ocean, trekking through the jungle, camping in the desert or coming face-to-face with deadly animals. If you’re an adrenaline junkie then your smartphone is at risk. There are products out there to protect your handset from your devil-may-care lifestyle. LUPO mini waterproof case is ideal if you’re worried about your smartphone getting splashed or soaked while whitewater rafting or exploring the depths of a tropical rainforest. Better still, it’ll keep your smartphone bone dry up to a depth of 5m for 30 minutes – long enough to take some breathtaking underwater snaps during a dive or a scuba trip!


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