Travel Games: Because ‘Eye Spy’ Is So Last Century

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Make Tedious Car Journeys A Thing Of The Past

Going on holiday with the kids this summer? Got a long journey to get to your destination? Chances are you’re dreading hearing those words repeated over and over again – you know the ones; the classic ‘are we nearly there yet?’. But don’t despair! We know how to keep little minds busy on even the longest, most tedious of car, train, plane or ferry journeys (without having to resort to phones and tablets). Say bonjour, hola or hallo to our latest selection of awesome travel games.

From family favourites like Connect 4, Battleship and Monopoly to dozens of variations of Top Trumps (Harry Potter, Barbie, World Cricket Stars, you name it) and a game actually called Are We There Yet?, there’s something for everyone right here at Flubit.

Here are just a few travel games getting the thumbs up at Flubit HQ:

ViVo Mini Snakes And Ladders Magnetic Pocket Travel Game

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A little slither of fun for just £2.31

There’s no denying Snakes and Ladders is an absolute classic so we reckon it’s a great place to start. With magnetic pieces, a foldaway storage board and instructions for anyone who’s never played it before (we don’t know anyone who’s never played it before but there’s bound to be someone!) it’s the perfect way to add excitement to an otherwise dull journey. Suitable for ages 5 and upwards.

Paul Lamond Football Trivia Game

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Kick off your holiday for only £11.29

Got a car full of football fanatics to entertain? Kick off your holiday with this fab little tin of football trivia – it’ll really put your family to the test. With over 1,200 questions on the world’s favourite game (but no offside rule, we promise!) there are four question categories to choose from: Domestic, International, Clubs and Grounds and 20th Century and each card features 6 tough questions. Guaranteed to keep your brood on the ball for hours.

Hasbro Battleship Grab & Go Game

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All aboard for just £9.31

Battleship Grab & Go is the ultimate way to while away a day on the sea, road, rail track or up in the air. With two separate units designed to block the opponent’s view and pegs which slot into place for a no-spill experience, this compact version of a total classic is sure to be a winner this summer.

Hasbro Connect 4 Grab & Go Game

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Get your family connected for just £9.31

Connect 4 has entertained kids and adults alike for years and years. And if you play it often enough, you’ll start to discover little tricks that’ll mean you’re almost always the winner. Up to the challenge? With its easy-to-fold grid and checker trays, all you need to worry about is how to achieve that all-important four-in-a-row.

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