Tips To Stay Protected This Black Friday

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Black friday high street

Many people see Black Friday as nothing more than a rough-and-tumble spending spree – a peculiar moment in the year where shoppers are struck with a kind of temporary insanity. If you turn on the telly and watch news footage of all the panic-stricken people falling over one another in an attempt to snatch a bargain, you’d be inclined to believe the troublesome reputation of Black Friday is justified. However, there’s far more to this annual shopping splurge than the media would have you believe, and there are also many ways for you to pick up products for pennies this Black Friday – without having to play your part in a melee. Our top tips can help you emerge safely on the other side with bundles of bargains.

Learn A Bit About The Stores You Plan To Visit

In the build-up to Black Friday, decide which stores you plan to visit and explore them before the big day arrives. Familiarise yourself with the surroundings of the shops and make a note of which aisle is which. This way, when Black Friday comes, you’ll know exactly which direction to head in, as soon as the doors are unlocked.

Be sure to ask the staff – preferably a senior figure – where they intend to stock specific items when Black Friday begins, as this will allow you to plan your store route meticulously. It’s also worth inquiring about discounts and coupons that might be available.

It’ll take you no more than half an hour to achieve all this, and it will be so worth it when Black Friday arrives.

Protect Yourself

Relax! We don’t mean this in the physical sense – i.e. bulking up in the gym to barge rival shoppers out of the way. No, what’s more important is protecting yourself in terms of finances. When the deals come out on Black Friday, the scams do too, so take the time to conduct a bit of research on phishing emails and phony websites before Black Friday explodes into life. A lot of people become so caught up in the excitement of the day, they end up purchasing a truck load of products online without doing their due diligence. The result is a healthy chunk of money for criminals and a devastating loss for the naïve customer – so stay calm and be careful.

You can also protect yourself further by making purchases with a credit card – not cash – and setting yourself a realistic budget beforehand, to ensure you don’t wind up in dire financial straits when Black Friday begins to wind down.


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