Top grossing movie franchises: complete your collection

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There are many franchises out in the movie industry that try to dominate the screens every year with something new and exciting. Some exhaust themselves and leave the audience to reminisce of what could have been but some flourish into memorable spectacles that will have generations ahead of our own talking about.

Here’s a list of the top grossing movie franchises to ever hit our movie screens.

1. Marvel Universe | $2.955 billion
2. Harry Potter | $2.390 billion
3. Star Wars | $1.918 billion
4. James Bond | $1.912 billion
5. Batman | $1.897 billion
6. The Lord of the Rings | $1.877 billion
7. Spider-Man | $1.572 billion
8. Shrek | $1.419 billion
9. The Twilight Saga | $1.363 billion
10. Transformers | $1.325 billion
11. X-Men | $1.299 billion
12. Pirates of the Caribbean | $1.279 billion
13. Star Trek | $1.242 billion
14. Fast & Furious | $1.190 billion
15. The Hunger Games | $1.169 billion

Most if not all people would have a good idea of the titles listed despite some of these classics such as James Bond dating way back to the 60’s. Nevertheless, I think people of all ages would appreciate the influence these films have had on our fantasies and if you’re like me then you’d want to grab yourself a blu-ray copy of your favourites.

We’ve picked out a couple of our fav boxsets in Blu-ray, be sure to check these out.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga

The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Hobbit Trilogy

Fast & Furious: The 6-Movie Collection

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