9 Ludicrously successful study tips!

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Do you lack motivation when it comes to studying? Perhaps you struggle to remember your revision notes when it comes to exam day? Take a deep breath, it’s all going to be okay! Here are 9 amazing study tips that you may have never heard of before, to help you through your revision and keep you motivated!

1. Treats

Reward yourself each time you finish reading a paragraph or answer a question correctly with a sweet treat such as chocolate or jelly babies (hopefully not real babies!)

study treats

2. Cool stationary

Use stationary you love to use, this could include smelly highlighters, different coloured post-it notes or your favourite Flubit pen!


3. Rhymes

Create a fun song or acrostic poem to help you remember facts, such as:






That true?

4. Smelly goods

Chew unfamiliar but tasty gum or drink flavoured water during your test which you also revised with will help jog your memory!

fruit water

5. Doodle

Create mind maps or fun drawings over your notes to help you remember sections of your revision.  You could also create posters to hang up in your rooms which will also jog your memory.

Study mind map

6. Lego

Use different coloured Lego to represent different things such as numbers or elements of the periodic table just remember not to step on them, ouch!


7. Quiz night

A bit of competitive fun is always good! This is a great way to revise and still socialise with mates. Instead of just answering the questions you could also be more creative and act them out!

study group

8. Make deadline day fun

Time to buy that cool gadget you saw posted on Flubit’s Instagram page! Motivate yourself to hand your work in before it is due by treating yourself once you’ve handed it in.


9. Goodbye distractions

We all know that social media can be distracting when it comes to studying. By creating an hour playlist that you would listen to while revising will allow you to keep track of time so you no longer need to keep checking your phone.

study with music

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