Top 5 Upcoming Games May 2016

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Many who have already completed Uncharted 4 now face a dark and lonely reality. Withdrawals from a gaming masterpiece kick in causing for sleepless nights with constant thought of when you’d once again be able to zone out in a virtual reality that connects you so strongly to the worlds and characters that you feel a deep sense of loss when you reach an end to it all. For these people there’s only one remedy – Another masterpiece. But these don’t come around often, and only community hype and snippets of the game can really tell if anything good is around the corner to quench the thirst for this modern day addiction. We’ve listed you some of the most hyped games for you to keep your eyes on over the next few months that might just be able to feed what your addiction craves.

1. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

mirrors edge

Coming June 9th, this hugely anticipated sequel to a genre defining original is expected to deliver again. A first-person action game that puts you in a modern totalitarian city that you must break apart using your ability to run free and become a catalyst to overthrow its rule over society. Visuals look incredible with the game coming out for the PS4 Xbox One and PC.


2. Final Fantasy XV

final fantasy

The XV should be an indication to all that this classic series, dating back to before I was born, continues to excite fans around the world. With some of the most compelling storytelling of all franchises, “fantasy” is truly a core embodiment in the development of this game. Evolving it’s gameplay mechanics through it’s unique mmorpg style combat the game visuals and gameplay take this new addition to yet another level. Loyal fans across the globe know this is an auto purchase with no concern for disappointment. Out for the PS4 and XBox One September 30th.

3. World of Warcraft: Legion

world of warcraft

Remember those friends you used to have back in secondary school that vanished off the face of the earth? Well either they’ve been kidnapped or you can be assured World of Warcraft is the reason. The most successful MMORPG of all time is looking to bring all eyes back on it’s hugely successful online PC game once again. This expansion is bringing another depth to the already massive world of Azeroth this time set in the forbidden ruins of the Broken Isles where you’ll work in teams to bring down new enemies for new gear. Also announcing the addition of the Demon Hunter class! Expected to arrive August 30th.

4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

deus ex

Set in the year 2029, Deus ex follow the events in Aug incident where mechanically augmented cyber-humans has their minds and bodies taken control over splitting society as we know it into two. Augmented citizens, now considered outcasts, leave society divided and it’s in your hands to take action in deciding the outcome of the future. A game that highlights the countless number of outcomes base don your decision means you control the story and shape the world around you as you progress. Expected to arrive to PS4 Xbox One and PC August 23rd.

5. No Man’s Sky

no mans sky

Exclusive to the PS4 this game looks to capture the audience with a new style of visuals that takes space exploration to another level. With the idea of creating unlimited choice for exploring the ends of the universe, enter a massive social platform where you explore, gather, trade, fight and forge alliances in aim to occupy the galaxy. An interesting concept that could potentially bring the the space nerd out of all of us. Out June 24th.


Plenty to look forward to for all those who are curled up in a dark corner feeling lost without a fantasy world to dive into. Take your pick from our highlights and pre-order a better price today using

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