How to Throw The Ultimate Summer BBQ!

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The long weekend is fast approaching and with the sun shining all week, there are no reasons not to throw a summer BBQ, even if it is last minute! Which is why we have put together some tips and cheats keeping in mind a budget on how to throw the ultimate summer BBQ. So start sending out texts, emails, whats apps and snap chats. As you, my friend will be the best BBQ host this summer has seen!

Tip One: Stick to classic recipes!

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As much as we all love food, we always go over the top when it comes to cooking for friends and families. A majority of the food is left uneaten or has gone cold which results in you cooking some fresh food which then results in you missing time with your guests. To avoid this happening at your ultimate BBQ party you should stick to a few classic recipes that everybody will love and cook mean when needed. This way food won’t be wasted and you get to spend more time with your guests.

Tip Two: Bring your own!


Supplying for everyone needs can be difficult especially when you’re on a budget. Which is why you should ask your guests to bring a bottle each or dish they would prefer. This way you can still provide some food and drink for guests but don’t have to supply for the whole night.

Tip Three: Have a theme!

hawaii party

No one likes a socially awkward gathering where nearly everyone is sitting on their phones not talking. Having a theme can help you bring people together so they have something to talk about, it can also help you decide on food, drinks and entertainment. A Hawaii themed BBQ is a great theme for a summer BBQ, you could even run a competition for the best funky shirt.

Tip Four: Be prepared.. for everything!

bbq gril

Last minuting rushing around is not cool, especially in the heat. Make sure that you are prepared before the actual day so that you know you have the right amount of plates, cutlery, cups and most importantly a BBQ grill! Check out these five essentials for a BBQ.

Tip five: Prep as much as you can!

food preping

As mentioned in step four, rushing around really isn’t cool. Any marinating, side dishes, salads can all be prepped the night before, you could also prep any decorations and games. This saves you plenty of time on the big day and means you will be able to welcome your guest into your home.

Tip Six: Take advantage of ice!

can in ice

The sun should be beaming this weekend looking at this weekend’s weather report. You wouldn’t want your guest going thirsty as they are scared to grab a drink from the fridge. Instead of letting guests go thirsty and drinks going warm, fill up buckets or a kid swimming pool with ice to keep everything needed cold and available to everyone.

Tip SevenThis tip is very important.. have fun!

After all, you will be the best summer BBQ host after reading this article so why not have a bit of fun.

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