Throw your own festival for the price of a Glastonbury ticket

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Grab your wellies, facepaint, and glitter… Glastonbury is here! There’s no doubting that nothing quite compares to Glasto, but at £238 a ticket, you certainly pay for the experience.

But if you’re not dancing in West Country mud this weekend, there’s nothing stopping you from channeling the festival vibes and hosting your own at home instead. So grab your buds and get transforming the garden, here’s everything you need to throw your own festival – and all for less than the price of a Glastonbury ticket.



Music makes a festival and you need plenty of volume to host your own. If you don’t have a good sound system kicking about at home, check out this speaker for a quick plug in and play solution. Equipped with mics, you can even line up your own headline karaoke acts too!

Active Passive speaker set (and mics)

£72.55 (inc. delivery)



Add a touch of festival chic to your cocktails and grab some mason jars for your guests. Check out these simple summer recipes for some recipe inspiration… nothing beats Pimms in our opinion though!

Set of six mason handled Kilner jars

£12.85 (inc. delivery)



Outdoor fairy lights are a quick and easy way to decorate the garden, helping to create the perfect setting for a festival in your back yard. These multicolored lights are not only a bargain but can also be used again at Christmas.

Multicoloured outdoor fairy lights

£23.54 (inc. delivery)



No festival is complete without food! This foldable fire pit is perfect for BBQs and also creates the perfect centerpiece to congregate around with your mates once the sun goes down. Here’s a handy round-up of our favorite BBQ recipes –don’t forget to buy some marshmallows for afterward too! 

Foldable charcoal fire pit

£26.86 (inc. delivery)

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