This year’s must-have toys!

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This year’s must-have toys, with new releases for all preferences and budget!

We all know how quickly the latest toys can reach the top of a child’s wishlist after coming from nowhere, then subsequently sell out as it’s in such high demand! So if you’re wanting to get a head start on birthday gifts this year will be delighted to learn that the toy industry insiders – The British Toy and Hobby Association – have released a list of their anticipated most popular toys this year.

With everything from play sets like LEGO and Thunderbirds to newly-released gadgets, the “best new toys” were voted by a panel of independent toy retailers for the recent 2016 Toy Fair which Flubit was at!

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The winning toys are grouped into 13 categories, including action toys, building sets, dolls, games and puzzles. Some of the winning toys won’t be in shops until later in the year, with the majority scheduled for release in Spring.

Speaking of this year’s toys, Natasha Crookes, spokesperson for the British Toy and Hobby Association said: “More than 50,000 new toys enter the market each year that need to excite parents and children alike. This year’s winners once again highlight the innovation and creativity of the UK toy industry.”

So let’s see what’s on offer then…

Gold Collection Stargazer Lottie Doll


There’s Lottie the stargazing doll who has her own telescope and “collector cards” to take children on their own journey into space.








StikBots, which have been dubbed the “social media sharing toy”, allow tech-savvy kids to make stop-motion films with an easy animation app (and they’re only £3.99 each!)




Cool Create 2 in 1 Sticker Magic

For creative minds, there’s an easy-to-use sticker machine to create customised stickers, as well as the “next generation of bracelet making” which enables kids to make loom bracelets from digital guidance on an app.







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