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It seems shopping was high up on the agenda for many over the bank holiday weekend, and why pay full price online when you can hunt for bargains on the items you’ve already decided to buy?

Quite a random mix of items from mobiles and box sets, to IT hardware, here’s a sneaky peek into some of the most popular items that our users have been demanding recently…

Vodafone Motorola Moto G Pay As You Go Handset

Proving that power doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag, the Moto G allows you to watch HD movies, play 3D games, and run multiple apps simultaneously with maximum performance on the 4.5” razor-sharp 720p HD screen and quad-core processor.

With its responsive multitasking functionality, you can play the latest 3D games or perform multiple tasks like sending an email while taking a call, or texting without shutting down your YouTube video thanks to the Moto G’s powerful quad-core processor.

A solid little handset that does more than just what it says on the tin!

Star Wars: The Complete Saga

A 9-disc collection of all the Star Wars classics including The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones, Revenge Of The Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi brings the wonder of the entire saga direct to your living room, where you can revisit all of your favourite Star Wars moments in HD! And, if you’re keen to explore the universe further, there’s an extra 40+ hours of special features, highlights, and un-seen content!

The collection also includes many deleted, extended and alternate scenes, new documentaries and a selection of hilarious spoofs!

Marking the first time ever that the full Saga is available in one complete collection, this Blu-ray box set also features a coveted peek into the making of the Saga with vintage documentaries, audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes moments, interviews, prop and costume turnarounds, retrospectives and more.

A must-have for any Star Wars enthusiast, this would make an awesome gift!

WD 3 TB for NAS 3.5-inch Desktop Hard Drive

The Western Digital Red drives are intended for usage that is more intensive than ‘normal’. Ideal for use with any form of server that is operational 24/7, in NAS devices or even in a desktop PC where usage demands and expectations are high.

WD Red is the only hard drive designed for NAS systems that have 1-5 drive bays. Available in capacities ranging from 1-3TB, the WD Red is designed specifically for home and small office NAS systems. The drives are extensively tested for compatibility and reliability in the demanding operating environment of a constantly ‘on’ NAS system. WD’s firmware technology enables seamless integration and balanced performance.

The innovative technology reduces power consumption and lowers the operating temperature, so it’s nice and quiet unlike many fan-cooled drives that can be noticeably noisy in a quiet environment.

The WD Red is definitely a reliable and robust NAS hard drive solution.

Silentnight Double Memory Foam Mattress

Quite possibly the most unusual mattress we’ve come across, the Silentnight 7-Zone Mattress features a responsive layer of body-moulding memory foam for the ultimate pressure relieving comfort. The 7-Zone mattress offers support for 7 zones of your body, with soft support for your shoulders and firmer support for your hips and lower back.

But that’s not the odd part… it’s innovatively infused with Allergy UK approved probiotics to keep the mattress naturally fresh, healthy and dust-mite free. Working on the same principle as probiotic yogurt drinks, putting friendly bacteria into the fabric of the mattress. While you sleep, your body pressure activates the friendly bacteria, which quickly multiply to outnumber any harmful bacteria in the bed!

Conveniently vacuum packed and rolled up, all you need to do is take in it to your room of choice, unroll and allow to settle.

Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Wii U

Available now for pre-order before its release at the end of the month, the new Mario Kart lets you turn your racing experience upside down with the new anti-gravity feature! Enjoy never-imagined racing circuit designs as well as a variety of series-favourite features, including the return of 12-player online competitive play, hang-gliders, underwater racing and motorbikes.

Fan-favourites Waluigi and Toadette re-join the cast of familiar characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Crisp HD graphics and a 60-frames-per-second frame rate offer players the most visually stunning entry in the series yet.

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