This student life: four money-saving tips you’ll wish you knew before

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With rent to pay, books to buy, buses to take and a Jäegar-centric social life to maintain, student living can be tough on the wallet at times. Your student years can be all at once exciting, challenging, educational and expensive, so it’s imperative that you’re able to manage your money efficiently – and not just spend it all during Fresher’s week! With both your budget and your need to make the most of the best years of your life in mind, who better could you trust to save you some money than Let us put on our serious hats and share five money-saving tips that you’ll love us for.

Set up a book club

The average student spends around £75 on books in their first month at university alone. This might sound impressive, but actually, it’s rather silly. Whilst universities and colleges will often provide their students with any required books through a library, you’ll often have to battle with other students to borrow the book in the first place and keep tabs on when they’re due back. Why not set up a club with other members from your course that will let you share some of the key books instead? By inviting people from other years, you may even find that they have their own copies, and the entire scenario will provide the perfect environment for better cooperation and understanding. If you purchase your books online you’ll save even more money – especially when you use!

Shop online

Whether it’s groceries or games, laptops or lingerie, you’ll often find it’s much cheaper to shop online. As well as ensuring you’re virtually guaranteed of finding what you’re after without having to trek from one shop to the next, you’ll also never have to face hordes of other angry shoppers, battle an uncompromising shopping trolley or be faced with the blank stare of a shop assistant when you ask them for more information about something you’re buying. As well as the rock-bottom prices you can find online, you’ll also be able to save more money with, naturally, so there’ll definitely be enough left over for a fancy dress costume and a bottle or two of something special for the next social get-together.

Travel in style

Depending on where you’re going and how many of you there are, sometimes the most obvious transport solution isn’t always the best. For example, if six or seven of you are heading somewhere that you’ll need to catch the bus or train for, booking a seven-seater taxi could be a cheaper (and more convenient!) option. If you’re heading a little further afield and there are eight of you, why not go all out and consider booking a limo – yes, really! – for around £20 – £40 each. Now that’s some good old thinking right there…

Ask for discounts

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Your fantastic NUS card can stretch your money a long way, but it’s down to you to make sure that it does. Take your NUS card and university ID card with you everywhere and don’t just look out for signs that tell you your card will be accepted, always ask. You’ll be surprised at how many places will accept it. The NUS website also offers extras, so keep checking back on it periodically. If whatever you’re looking for isn’t on offer, remember that will be there to tide you over. You’re welcome.

Now go, stand out from the crowd, learn something amazing, eat well, drink responsibly and save those pennies by using next time you shop online!


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