The Gruffalo – an essential childhood experience

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If you’ve never heard of the Gruffalo, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. This iconic story falls into the same genre as The Snowman and others where the original tale has evolved to become a great imaginary treasure. First published in 1999, Julia Donaldson could not have guessed how this children’s epic would shoot to stardom. Loved by children and adults alike, the story has now been translated into multiple languages including several Scots dialects. Unsurprising of course because the Gruffalo’s creator is Scottish.

The Gruffalo Series

Additional books have been written to form a series including the Gruffalo’s child. The books are available in cardboard format for older babies and young toddlers as well as soft and hard cover and make the most fabulous bedtime story telling favourite. Even as an adult its difficult to walk away believing that the Gruffalo is only an imaginary beast.

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This book has a place on every bookshelf, having been translated into over thirty five languages. It can be found in schools, public libraries, nurseries and homes alike. The story has come of age and the youngsters that loved the tales of the Gruffalo in their childhood are now passing on their enjoyment to the next generation. Multilingual environments therefore enjoy multiple copies of the same story in different languages.

The recipes

Whoever the that a children’s book could give rise to a range of recipes based on such an unlikely theme. Yet it has. An offshoot from the original story the recipe book offers twenty four interesting and exciting recipes from the deep dark wood. providing continuity from the story the little ones can now enjoy extra curricular activities to reading such as cooking and baking, providing educational opportunity that is also fun.

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But the fun with recipes will of course be enhanced by both one on one and individual play. There is nothing like reading all about this magnificent beast and then being able to possess one’s very own.

The Gruffalo Plush toys

The Gruffalo plush toy comes in both a seven and a nine inch version and regardless of choice, this cuddly companion will remain a favourite. The very first loved Gruffalo plushies are now the threadbare treasures of many an adult.

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Not often do the plush toys of the story so closely resemble those characters from the original illustrations. The Gruffalo plushie is undeniably an exceptional replica that every child both young and old will love. The Gruffalo is well loved that you will find him all over the place. All you have to do is look. This lovable creature is so popular that he can now be spotted in forests across England and Wales. Indeed, in no less than 26 different locations. For the children taking their plush toy along to meet a full size Gruffalo is truly an exciting experience. It also doubles up as an opportunity to integrate learning about nature.

All activities come to the Gruffalo

Whether you want to play dominoes or have a colouring in session, the Gruffalo brand has it all. Crayons and travelling sets, as well as colouring in books are immensely popular with the small fry. Older children love to play dominoes with the family on a wet Sunday afternoon.

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The Gruffalo shopping trip feels like it goes on forever. There are all the characters from the books available as plush toys. Puzzles and card games are available for all ages. Novelty items such as key rings and pencil cases make good stocking fillers and school prizes.

In whatever shape or form you choose, the Gruffalo will fill your home, classroom, library or nursery with peals of laughter and years of fun.

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