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Bertie caught trying to crush Karen’s head without anyone ever knowing

Last week, members of the Flubit team were live on Twitch.tv to stream Xbox One exclusive open-beta gameplay of the highly anticipated RPG shooter: Tom Clancy’s The Division. We were also joined by no other than Bertie Stephens, founder and CEO of Flubit.com, for a chance to ask questions! And… a massive giveaway for 5 copies of the game to lucky stream viewers in celebration of the upcoming release.

For those who missed out you can find the full stream on our twitch channel HERE.

We had a good laugh exploring post-pandemic Manhattan and blasting enemies to try bring order to the city – doesn’t sound like much of a laughing matter but I guess here at Flubit we’ve got a unique sense of humor.  Bertie had a chance to answer some viewer questions about our service and give his opinions on the game. Mainly criticizing the game’s inclusion of a hand pistol when in a shootout against mobs of machine gun armed scavengers. We also played our own version of survival mode in which we each represented a random viewer from Twitch and the longest surviving player would win the viewer a free copy of the game (pretty sure a tear rolled down agbavna’s face when they we’re chosen to be represented by Bertie).

We’re really happy to have entertained over 250 viewers over the course of the stream and hope to host future gaming streams and give-aways!

Congratulations to our 5 winners who’ll be receiving a copy of The Division on release day courtesy of Flubit.com:





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