Tech City Stars – Week 5

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Between taking part in extra-curricular community projects, speculation of what next week’s Team Day will entail, and working with the latest addition to the Flubit team, our Tech City Stars have had a fun week…


Another good working week! David, my manager, kindly gave me the green light to leave work early on Monday so I could perform at an event hosted by Art Against Knives, an organisation that works young people living in areas of London affected by knife crime and facilitates creative opportunities to help them secure employment, education or training.

They’re running a series of creative community projects with a focus on providing young people with a voice, and a positive way to express the social problems they face. I’m involved in an alternative education provision called ‘the School Of Hip-Hop‘. I have been closely working with the school for the past year, and we are starting to see a steady interest from young people looking for an alternative education.

The theme of this week’s event was #HipHopTaughtMe. I was interviewed and asked what hip hop had taught me and I shared how hip hop music has enabled me to express my inner thoughts and listening to certain artists helped me understand more about society, for me it’s a form of catharsis.

The show went really well and I received a fair bit of praise for my performance which was awesome 🙂

Back to work and this week has been a successful week at Flubit. Our floor, which we share with the Merchant Relations team but been particularly hectic as the team work to get more and more online retailers integrated with the Flubit platform. I’ve had the chance to focus more on Demand quotes, finding products for a cheaper price. I’ve noticed that there has been an increase in the amount of product available, thanks to the merchant relations team and their hard work!

Also, we have been working closely with Jessica, going through the spreadsheets of our customer’s reviews. If you use Flubit, you’ll know that you’re prompted to give us your feedback. These are then all stored within our website and each month the marketing team sift through them to pick out the many positive ones that we can use in our marketing. That’s what I love about Flubit, whilst we’re great at saving our users money, we really appreciate what our community thinks about us and are always willing to hear suggestions from our users!


This week, as well as completing our duties in Demand Management and Product Matching, we’ve been getting more involved in other departments of the company. Whilst processing our users’ demands, I’ve been monitoring which types of products we’re seeing lots of requests for, so I can feed this back to Andy, who heads up the Merchant Relations team. Using this information combined with the wealth of data we get through our internal system, Andy and his team are given a great insight into which types of online retailers we should get on board.

This is not only great for our users because it means more of the particular products they’re after are readily available through Flubit, but also means those new merchants have an additional route to market with an abundance of customers hunting for the products they’re selling!

It’s great to be able to contribute to the company this way and gives me a better understanding of how the Flubit platform works.

We’ve also had a new arrival in the Operations Team, his name is Alex and he’s been firing out high quality demand processing like he was born to do it. This means I can spend more time doing quotes to ensure we put through even more products than we’ve previously been doing, and faster!

I actually placed a demand myself for a 24 pack of Wonka Nerds to sate my somewhat overly spoiled sweet tooth earlier this week and got an offer back within 3 hours, which was great!

Flubit states that an offer will be returned within 28 hours but in my experience it’s usually a lot quicker than this. It depends on the type of item being demanded, if its readily available through one of our suppliers then it’s usually very quick, if it’s something a little trickier to get hold of (we do get some quite obscure demands!) we have to source a supplier for it. The time it took for my demand just goes to show how worthwhile it is to use, and even as a Flubit employee I’m definitely a happy customer.

Next week we’ve got a team day out which we’re awaiting full details on, but there has been talk of some outdoors activities! I’m looking forward to seeing what Bertie has in store for us, but sure it’ll be a great way for us to all get to know each other. There’s been a lot of newbies lately (Darren and I included) and because we’re all busy working in our separate departments, it’ll be really fun to spend some time together and enjoy each other’s company in a non-work environment.

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