Tech City Stars – Week 3

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At the end of week 3, our Tech City Stars are enjoying putting to use their new-found knowledge in how our Demand Management system works, and beginning to move around Flubit’s departments and contribute to different projects, such as Marketing where they were assisting Jess with getting some great reviews from our customers.


Having properly settled into a routine I’m finding the workload I can handle is steadily increasing and I’m really getting the hang of how my role within the company works. I’ve also been spending my lunch breaks exploring the local area and found some really cool places to go. Hoxton Square is a great little sun spot and there are loads of pop up cafes and shops.

Working in Demand Management as Darren and I have been over the past few weeks is a blast, you have to be on your toes to make sure little differences don’t get through the cracks and it’s a high pressure job. One single wrong character or digit in a product code could completely mess up an order, so you have to be extra vigilant. Our roles are right at the front of Flubit’s demand chain of operations, so we’re dealing with a large percentage of demands that come in and matching them up to the correct from our vast database. But don’t worry Flubiters – we’re very careful to make sure your demand is matched correctly! 🙂

As I become more experienced with managing customers’ demands, we’ve been moving around the company a little more. Towards the end of last week, Darren and I were assigned some spreadsheet work with Flubit’s Community & Engagement Manager, Jessica. The purpose of this work was compile a database of our happy Flubit users that which Jess could then contact and ask them to review us on TrustPilot. That was really interesting and it took some serious attention to detail. I really liked reading through all the positive comments and seeing how happy some of our customers were with the service they received.

I’m enjoying the learning opportunities in this apprenticeship immensely and developing my technical skills more every day. There’s always something to do in the office, and the coffee machine has become something of a savior for me in the mornings!


This week has been very busy in the office. With the announcement of the partnership with Barclaycard Bespoke Offers, I’ve started to notice an increase in product checks and the office is buzzing with press inquiries and merchants looking to get on board.

We were also named as number 10 of’s Startup 100, so a great week all round!

When we came in after the weekend there were over 700 products to match, looks like people had been enjoying a lot of online shopping over the weekend! Between Ryan and I we managed to get it down to zero by the end of the day.

I have found myself managing my time keeping and schedule better inside and outside of work. We also started our evening classes at Stem Academy which I’m finding really interesting. I first was dreading the fact we had to sit down in a class room and learn after a full day at work but it’s actually been quite the opposite… I found myself to be much more focused and alert with the assignments we were given. Currently we are on the business module where we had to understand how to do a Cost Benefit Analysis in business. I have found it very helpful to understand how to measure and run a business which is one of my goals for my future. I still feel really grateful for the opportunity with Flubit, I’m made to feel like a valuable part of the company when they could have easily just allowed us to perform menial tasks. As time progresses I feel like our roles becoming more and more important as we’re given increased levels of responsibility and getting involved in other areas of the company, like helping Jess compile a database of users that might like to review us.

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