Tech City Stars – Week 12

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This week has been massively packed full of all sorts of different activities. On Monday we had a staggering amount of demands coming in as we got our heads down and pushed it all through to keep up with the numbers. It’s been hard work but we’ve managed to pull it off.

On Wednesday, our Tech City Stars tutor, Dharam, came in to do a review day with Darren and I, in which he observed us at work at our desks and completing college tasks so that we could better meet the criteria for our ICT Competence diploma. Since then we’ve begun our new unit on creative problem solving, looking at lateral thinking techniques such as brainstorming and “de Bono’s hats”.

On Thursday, the team from Barclaycard’s bespoke offers came in to the office to give us an update on the build of our collaborative project. It’s looking really good and I’m so excited for it to go live and be launched. It’ll be all bespoke offers branded but it will be the Flubit technology powering the whole thing – that’s a pretty big deal!


What a great and busy week, we have now officially moved to Wapping and we are settling in well. We’ve been making the most of the view of the Thames whilst eating our lunch on the terrace this week, it’s been so sunny and nice, it’s the perfect spot for a lunch break.

Demand Management has been extremely busy this week as the move to Wapping had meant there was a slight gap in our work flow so the user demands had built up a bit.
My favourite thing about the new office is having a lot more space. We’re a lot less cramped ehre, and we’ve got a great view of the Thames. There’s not quite as many food options as we were used to in Hoxton which had different shops, cafes and restaurants on every corner. But I guess we’ll all saved money by bringing in lunches!

Also this week, the Barclaycard team came to visit our new office and demo’d how their bespoke offers ‘beat my price’ functionality is going to work. Although it was just a test environment we saw, it was really good to be able to see the user journey and how it’s going to look.


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