Tech City Stars – Week 1

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As our two new starters from Tech City Stars approach the end of their first week, we thought we’d give you a little update on what they’ve been up to…


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My first week with Flubit has been really good. Currently, I’m working in the Operations Team where I match products with Integrated Merchants and Affiliate companies. I feel like I’m part of a well-run team and that my role is as important as everyone else’s which is great, considering I’ve only been here a week! Unlike some of my friends who complain that during their apprenticeships they were only making teas and running basic errands, in my experience that is not the case at all working at Flubit – I’ve got stuck in straight away and am contributing considerably towards the functioning of the department I’m working in, which is really rewarding.

There’s a fantastic atmosphere at the Flubit office and I’ve been made to feel really welcome. Everyone has been friendly and helpful, especially Luca, Rachel, David, Deborah and Agne who all work in the Operations team and have been showing me the ropes over the past week. I’ve found that my concentration has improved and I’m more proactive since I started at Flubit. Although it’s only been a week, I already feel like I’ve been here for years and I’m really enjoying my role.

It’s such an exciting time to being joining Flubit, I’m looking forward to future projects and being part Flubit’s growth and expansion. A big thumbs up from me for my first week 🙂


Flubit, Tech City Stars, eCommerce, tech, tech startup, LondonApproaching the end of my first week working at Flubit, I can’t quite believe it’s only been a week! For the first couple of days, Darren and I learned the ropes of managing incoming customer demands and generating quotes, shadowing Luca and Rachel to get a feel for what we’d be doing working as part of the Operations Department, and also getting to know everyone in the office. We weren’t rushed or pressured into learning this or that, and we could work at our own pace, which I thought was really useful for us in terms of getting the hang of things.

Since then, I’ve found myself really enjoying the work and getting into it fully. Since Tuesday, we’ve been working with the IT guys upstairs to improve our automated system and report any bugs that might come up when using it. Currently Darren and I are still working in Demand Management under David, who heads up the Operations Department, ensuring products demanded by our users don’t get muddled up in the system and that they get the exact product match at the right time. We’ve been discovering all sorts of new knowledge about the way eCommerce works and learning new skills under the DM team has been really enjoyable so far. Overall the first week couldn’t have gone better!

The guys are going to be posting their updates each week so be sure to check back to read the latest! To find out more information on Tech City Stars, click here.


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