Sweet Deals on Sylvanian Families: Beechwood Hall and Beyond

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Send Freya the Chocolate Rabbit and friends on holiday in the Sylvanian Families Caravan! Or treat your little ones to the Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall, School or Treehouse.

We’ve got great deals across the Village, Seaside and Town ranges so you’re sure to find the adorable character or cute playset you’re looking for.


Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse

Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse only £48.44 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionThe house consisting of a lighthouse and lodge. Light from the lighthouse will project twinkling constellations on the ceiling of…Go to Product

Wow, look at those stars! Light up the skies with the Starry Point Lighthouse – it projects a magical light show that beams twinkling stars, fireworks or a moonlit sky straight to your room.

The play possibilities are endless. Your toys can explore a pretend bay in their boat, hop into a tiny hot air balloon, climb the rigging or just chill out on a seashell sofa. It’s all included in the box, which makes this Sylvanian Families lighthouse playset great value.


Sylvanian Families Baby Bath Time

Sylvanian Families Baby Bath Time only £18 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionSet included two figures and accessories Included bear girl and baby figures, baby bath and some accessories Well-made with fine attention to…Go to Product

Could these Sylvanian Families bears be any cuter? This set includes everything your little collector needs to give the girl bear and baby bear characters a pretend bath.

They’re all set with tiny shampoo bottles, the smallest sponge you’ve ever seen, and even a little rubber duck. After a dip in the mint green bath, Melissa the girl bear can dry off baby Melody with the miniature towel – all included in the Baby Bath Time set!


Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall

Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall only £56.46 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionBeech wood hall is the ideal family home for Sylvanians Two working lights and opens up to reveal five rooms Walnut squirrel…Go to Product

The Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall set is a grand residence your woodland friends will love coming home to. It will amuse kids and keep tech-loving parents happy with two working lights (don’t forget the AA batteries).

The playset opens up to five rooms, but you can expand Beechwood Hall even further. It’s designed to connect with other selected Sylvanian Families buildings including the Cosy Cottage Starter Home. Go ahead and build the mansion of your dreams!

Make it more homely by adding the Sylvanian Families Country Bathroom SetSylvanian Families Semi-Double BedSylvanian Families Girl’s Bedroom Set and Sylvanian Families 3 Piece Suite.


Sylvanian Families Hedgehog Family

Sylvanian Families Hedgehog Family only £14.72 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionHedgehog posable collectable figures Four piece set: Father, mother, brother and sister Dressed in removable fabric clothing Stimulating imaginative role-play in children Suitable for…Go to Product

Meet the Sylvanian Families Hedgehog Family! The mother, father, brother and sister are dressed in classic country outfits and a there’s a brush or comb for each character included in the pack.

This furry little family can’t wait to settle into their new home. Just remember to give them a quick brush before you introduce them to your other miniature friends – they want to look their best.


Sylvanian Families Country Tree School

Sylvanian Families Country Tree School only £35.25 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionThe Country Tree School is such a fun school. Whilst there is a classroom which comes furnished for lessons for…Go to Product

We wish human schools were as fun as the Sylvanian Families school! Baby animals can look forward to climbing the tree and relaxing on the balcony.

Pupils can even study the beautiful countryside (otherwise known as your living room) or look up at the stars. There’s a telescope in the roof, and you can connect it to the tree for a fresh point of view.

It’s not all play though. Six Sylvanian Families babies can sit at the six desk and chair sets, learn from the blackboard and study their books and the globe included in the set.


Sylvanian Families Baby Treehouse 5318

Sylvanian Families Baby Treehouse 5318 only £14.04 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionSylvanian Families – 5318 Baby Treehouse Details will show when available….Go to Product

All your baby characters will love this Sylvanian Families tree house. It comes complete with Ambrose the Walnut Squirrel Baby, who can’t wait to hop out of the box and play.

The treehouse has its own lookout platform, slide and swing. There’s even a little table and stool where the babies can sit down, or they can take a nap on the little hammock. What more could a Walnut Squirrel Baby wish for?


Sylvanian Families The Caravan

Sylvanian Families The Caravan only £51.64 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionCaravan with full of fun Included are over 35 pieces Well-made with fine attention to detail Stimulating imaginative role-play in children Suitable for ages…Go to Product

Which lucky family will you send on holiday in this Sylvanian Families camper van set? The caravan is beautifully furnished with a fitted kitchen, bathroom, lounge area and bunk beds. Inside the pack you’ll find everything from cooking pots and sleeping bags to maps and board games.

For authenticity, just add the Sylvanian Families Bluebell Seven Seater car which is compatible with the Sylvanian Families caravan. You can even keep the camping theme going by adding a sweet coastal-themed playset. The Silk Cat Girl is getting back to nature with the Sylvanian Families Seaside Camping Set.


Sylvanian Families 6002 Chocolate Rabbit Town Girl Series Playset, New Town Series

Sylvanian Families 6002 Chocolate Rabbit Town Girl Series Playset, New Town Series only £9.89 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionThe Town Girl Series – chocolate rabbit – is a figure and accessory set with Stella chocolate, the fashion designer….Go to Product

Meet Stella the Chocolate Rabbit! She’s a fashion designer in the new Sylvanian Families Town series and in this set, she’s dressed to the nines in a navy and turquoise outfit. She’s also wearing a stylish beret and glitzy gold handbag, which she can carry on her arm.

You can add to her family with the chic Sylvanian Families 6001 Dress up Duo Set, which includes her mother Teri, and sister Freya. Or let her Toy Poodle and Silk Cat pals join in!


Sylvanian Families 6007 Town Series Ride Along Tram

Sylvanian Families 6007 Town Series Ride Along Tram only £24.05 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionGreat for stimulating imaginative role-play in children. Well-made with fine attention to detail New 2018 item from Sylvanian Families product…Go to Product

All aboard! Here comes the Sylvanian Families Tram, the most stylish way for your toys to travel.

It comes with two moveable benches, fully functioning doors and a tram stop sign so that Freya and friends know where to wait. There’s even a little map and a set of tickets.

You won’t find a new woodland friend in this set – instead it comes with a sweet little driver’s cap so your furry friends can take turns. And if they need a great place to go, then take a look at the Sylvanian Families 6022 Grand Department Store Gift Playset.

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