Super Fun Inflatable Pool Floats!

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Get the fanciest inflatable pool floats in the resort. Add one of these beauties to your basket and get set for Instagram-ready moments this summer, as you drift around on a bubble of awesomeness.

Fancy an inflatable pizza slice at the pool? Dreaming of a lollipop pool float at the town lido, or bobbing around on a flamingo float? We can make it happen!


Intex Inflatable Lollipop Pool Float Air Mattress

Intex Inflatable Lollipop Pool Float Air Mattress Summer Beach Lounger Toy 82″ x 53″ only £5.79 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionInflatable Lollipop Float – Dimensions approx. 82″ x 53″ (2.08 m x 1.35 m). Made of high quality vinyl 12ga…Go to Product

Add a retro twist to your pool time with this lollipop pool float.

The round ‘sweetie’ part is 1.35 m across, giving you plenty of space to stretch out. And the lolly stick takes it to just over 2 m from end to end, making this a great value pick’n’mix addition to your beach bag.

Stay on brand: stock up on a tub of classic sweets to munch on after your swimming session!


BigMouth Inc Pizza Slice Pool Float

BigMouth Inc Pizza Slice Pool Float only £17.97 on Flubit.comBrief Description5 ft long (when inflated) pepperoni pizza slice pool float. Comes with a puncture repair kit. Holds up to 200 lbs in…Go to Product

Make a healthy choice, just order one slice of pizza… but make it a 5 ft one.

Your delicious pizza pool float holds up to 200 lb, and it’s suitable for anyone over 8 years old, making it the perfect food-themed inflatable for the family.

The only downside to this floating slice of fabulous? It’ll probably make you hungry. Perfect for a pre-lunch swim at the all-inclusive resort, don’t you think?


BigMouth Inc Giant Avocado Pool Float

BigMouth Inc Giant Avocado Pool Float only £16.79 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionNot having this pool float can be the pits If you’re always fighting with the other supermarket shoppers to get…Go to Product

Embrace the stereotype! If you’re all about avocado toast, you know exactly what you need when it comes to poolside relaxation.

Oh yes, it’s these 5 ft x 5 ft giant avocado pool floats.

They’ve conveniently been ready-pitted so you can perch right in the centre and really get into the avocado frame of mind.


Intex Inflatable Watermelon Popsicle Float

Intex Inflatable Watermelon Popsicle Float Ice Cream Cone Mat Pool Lounger Air Mattress Beach Toy 75″ x 30″ only £8.59 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionWatermelon Popsicle Float – Dimensions approx. 75″ x 30″ (1.91 m x 76 cm). Made of high quality vinyl 11ga…Go to Product

How refreshing is this watermelon lolly lilo? We feel cooler already just looking at it!

It’s ideal for teens and adults and measures 1.91 m x 76 cm (including the lollipop stick). Will you make this watermelon pool float a holiday essential this year?


Jilong Inflatable Chair Flamingo

Jilong Inflatable Chair Flamingo, Pink, 37402 only £9.8 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionChair Shaped Inflatable Flamingo fitted with two handles. Perfect for the sea and the pool. Made from durable vinyl with…Go to Product

Turn any pool trip into a tropical paradise with these fab inflatable flamingo pool floats!

They’re made to a super relaxing chair design that wraps you up in a cocoon of pink wings. We’re getting carried away there, but you get the idea.

Your floating pink flamingo measures just over a metre across – just the right size for older teens and adults up to 80kg.



Wave Rider Ride-On

Wave Rider Ride-On only £7.73 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionApproximate inflated size: 117cm x 77cm Heavy duty handles Wide base for extra stability Bright, bold and sleek design Suitable for 3+ years…Go to Product

Get the kids in on the splashy fun! If you’re holidaying with younger members of the family, pack a Wave Rider Ride-On.

It’s made for ages 3+ and we think they’ll love the sporty design.

This kids’ float has got heavy duty handles so they can hold on safely, and a wide base that stays up just that little bit better. That also means there’s plenty room for you to hold while you support them in the water.


BigMouth Inflatable Giant Unicorn Swimming Pool Float & Inflatable 2 Pack Unicorn Cup Holders

BigMouth Inflatable Giant Unicorn Swimming Pool Float & Inflatable 2 Pack Unicorn Cup Holders Beverage Boats Beach Pool Party only £29.01 on Flubit.comBrief Description* Big Mouth Toys Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float & 2 Pack Inflatable Unicorn Beverage Boats Cup Holders …Go to Product

If you thought you were living your best life, think again – this is it.

Our magical 4 ft x 4 ft giant inflatable unicorn pool floats let you drift around like you’re in an enchanted lake.

And what’s that drifting by? Oh look, it’s your drinks in the two inflatable unicorn cup holders! Why thank you, unicorn buddies.


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