5 Summer Holiday Nail Designs 2017

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When It comes to summer us girls like to look the best we ever have whether it’s the latest diet or the latest hair cut, colour or nail designs. Nail art is an excellent way for us girls to show off our interest to look good and gives us the chance to be creative. Doing your own nails at home will save you a lot of money and allows you to be experimental with colours and designs, below are some cool nail art designs I might have to try myself for this summer!

Coral with gold stripes

Coral Nail design

Apart from red nail varnish coral is one my favourite nail varnishes especially when it comes to the summer! I love how it is a peachy bright pink and doesn’t make me feel like a Barbie doll! The gold included into this nail art makes the design fancier and would ideal for a summer wedding! For me, these nails would go great with a nice pair of white jeans as your nails will stand out and glow in the sun!





White and blue paisley print

White and blue nails

This is on of my favourites nail designs yet! I like the combination of the navy blue and white nail varnish and the paisley print which is a great summer trend especially for festivals such as Glastonbury! I will be honest as I wasn’t a massive fan of white nail varnish but after writing this article I will defiantly be trying it out this year and will be getting creative with other colours!






Fruity design

Watermelon Nail designs Why eat watermelon apart from it being delicious when you can have them on your nails! This cool unique design that looks impressive when designed in pastel shades! Pastel nail varnishes are must-haves when it comes to summer as they are subtle and go with pretty much everything!





Mermaid Nails

Mermaid nail designs


I love these nails as they remind me of the little mermaid! These nails just show how creative we can get girls! I love how gems, starfishes and glitter has been used to make them three dimensional. These nails would be superb if you are going on a beach holiday this year! I have never tried to 3D nail designs myself but think it looks great!





Yellow stripes

yellow nail designs

Yellow is quite a fresh bright colour which is perfect for the summer and looks great with these white and black stripes! This design is ideal for sporty women and would look great at the gym or running a marathon or even just a jog through the park in the afternoon!







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