Stocking fillers: ten top toys that won’t break the bank

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Back in our day Christmas stockings were filled with oranges, nuts, figs and wooden toys if you’d been good, lumps of coal if you’d been bad – at least that’s what we tell the kids. Such old-fashioned gifts won’t cut it nowadays, however, so how are you supposed to delight the kids with a bulging stocking on Christmas morning without breaking the bank? Your friends at Flubit have a few bargain stocking filler ideas that won’t drive you to a Dickensian poorhouse come Boxing Day…

1: Disney Frozen Musical Wand – The cult of Frozen remains as strong as ever. Treat the little Elsas and Annas in your life to a Disney Frozen Musical Wand. The wand contains a mini Elsa figurine and plays the smash hit ‘Let it Go’, but alas it doesn’t come with a pair of earplugs for the grown-ups.

frozen wand

2: Tumbling Tower – A classic family game that will slip into a Christmas stocking and set you back no more than a couple of quid, a wooden Tumbling Tower set is a great purse-friendly gift idea.

stacking tower

3: LED finger lights – These fun LED finger lights are the perfect stocking filler. They’ll cost you less than a fiver and provide hours of fun during Christmas parties and family games, letting kids project Christmassy colours on the walls or play light tag with their friends.

finger lights

4: Fun Snaps – Popular since who knows when, Fun Snaps are an inexpensive stocking filler perfect for spicing up bonfire and firework parties. Pair these with a few packs of sparklers for a fun-filled New Year’s Eve.


5: Connect 4 – Another retro game, Connect 4 is like a supersized version of noughts and crosses. Great rainy day entertainment, these stocking fillers are ideal for long Christmas car journeys and will set you back no more than a fiver.

connect 4

6: Top Trumps – Part card game, part collectible and part trivia, Top Trumps are small enough to fit into even the tiniest Christmas stocking and inexpensive enough to suit any budget. This year’s top sets include World Rugby Stars 2015,Baby Animals and the inescapable Minions.

top trumps

7: Minecraft plushes – Minecraft was one of the first video games to appeal to all ages, tastes and genders equally, and it continues to earn deserved acclaim today. Treat any Minecraft-mad little ones in your life to a Minecraft plush, available in countless different characters.

minecraft plush

8: Star Wars LEGO sets – With Star Wars: The Force Awakens set for release just a few days before Christmas, Star Wars toys promise to be among this year’s bestsellers. Star Wars LEGO sets range in price from five or six quid to hundreds of pounds, but those at the cheaper end of the scale make ideal stocking fillers.

star wars lego

9: Hot Wheels/Matchbox – With toys becoming ever more complex, elaborate and digitised, it does us good to see kids still playing with die cast model cars. Just like in our day, Hot Wheels and Matchbox continue to vie for the playground top spot.


10: NERF Blasters – The people at NERF sure know a thing or two about creating foam weaponry. Their armaments range from tiny blasters to the kind of assault weapons Rambo might wield, but the smaller ones won’t set you back too much.



Has our stocking filler inspiration ticked a few more names off your Christmas hit list? If you’d like the best online deals on these toys and thousands others like them, demand a deal from Flubit and see how much you could save.

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