Steampunk Gifts For Lovers Of Alternative History

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Fantasy? Horror? Historical Fiction? We’ll Take All Three!

Alternative, fictitious and downright cool, the steampunk subculture has never been more popular. With an increasing number of events and conventions being held around the country, where enthusiasts dress in jaw-droppingly spectacular outfits, there’s no better time to become a part of this quirky fantasy world. Know someone who’s already there? Want to buy them a gift they’ll really get excited about? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because here at Flubit HQ, we’ve been busy little cog-driven machines – much like steampunk itself – and have carefully chosen a selection of the best steampunk gifts available on our website right now.

Whether you’re looking for a piece of steampunk clothing, a beautifully illustrated book or an eye-catching ornament for the home, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the perfect present in our latest range of steampunk gifts.

So, get your goggles on and get ready for a journey into this slightly dark and crazy world. Full speed ahead!

International Steampunk Fashions by Victoria Lady Lisa

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One book, hundreds of looks – and all for only £25.25

Usually, fashion books take you on a nostalgic tour of past trends – not this one! Expect to find hundreds of intricate designs by leading names in the steampunk fashion industry and devoted enthusiasts from around the world. Presented in top quality fashion photography, you’ll enjoy the quirky cocktail of Victorian-era style and futuristic, sci-fi tinged concepts from dresses and suits right through to jewellery and accessories. This volume really celebrates the diversity of the international phenomena and no true steampunk fan should be without it.

Hellbunny Lavintage Steampunk Dress

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Go back to black for just £63.95

This really is the perfect dress for all sort of events; weddings, Halloween parties and of course, steampunk conventions. With its gorgeous figure-hugging corset and full skirt, you’re going to turn heads for all the right reasons. Team it with some killer heels and a hairdo with attitude for maximum impact.

Anne Stokes Aviamore Owl Green Crystal Stud Earrings

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Wildly attractive and just £16.11

Inspired by Victoria design, these intricate owl earrings by Anne Stokes are the perfect accessory to complement a steampunk dress like the Hellbunny number featured above. With their twinkling green eyes, you’re certain to dazzle on a dark night.

The Steampunk Tarot Card Set

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Reveal the secrets of your future for just £20.56

If you’re into tarot reading and love the eclectic literary and visual trend that is steampunk, then this is the card set for you. They’re just like traditional cards but with a steampunk edge, so expect cooler-than-cool illustrations reflecting our complex relationship with science and technology. What’s more, the deck comes with a handy guide on how to interpret the cards.

More Steampunk Gifts Than You Can Shake A Gearstick At

Want to check out the rest of the best? We’ve got even more steampunk gifts over on our Pinterest board so jump aboard your airship and drift on over!

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