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Lately at Flubit HQ, the topic of standing desks has been coming up in chats around water-cooler. Our Senior Web-Developer, Victor, who’s always on the lookout for life-hacks that are easily implemented and offer boosts in productivity had read some recent articles about the alleged health benefits and proposed we considered them for our office.

With some of the Flubit team for, and some strongly against (in favour of alternative office furniture such as giant bean bags and mojito stations!), we thought we’d weigh up the pros and cons of ditching the office chair…


Health and weight
Standing regularly is shown to improve metabolism greatly, with reports of some losing up to 5lbs in the first week! Studies have shown that prolonged periods of sedentary time such as sitting is associated with greater metabolic risk, which is linked to diabetes and heart disease.

Improved attention span
Many have found it makes them feel more attuned to their work, as if standing makes them focus and concentrate more. So anyone with a short attention span may find their output is more productive and quicker whilst working standing up.

Better posture
Back pain has been found to be reduced in people that have switched to a standing desk. Several common back problems originate from slouching in chairs at desks. The standing desk eliminates this and prevents similar problems in those who spend many hours a day working at their desk.

Less space required in office as desks and chairs take up more room that standing desk units.

Increased energy levels later in the day, which means less of the ‘afternoon slump’.

Legs are strengthened and feel better overall, so you can skip ‘leg day’ once in a while!


Sore feet
Particularly in the first couple of weeks as you adjusts to a routine of standing for hours rather than sitting. You can combat this with an anti-fatigue standing desk mat and comfortable shoes. No high heels ladies!

Does not work so well with laptops
The space between screen and keyboard can be significantly smaller than the distance between eye and elbow. Desktops, however, seem to work great!

Varicose Veins
As long as you don’t stand for too long, or stand perfectly still, the risk is low. Your body will naturally want to move while on a standing desk, so take the time to do a few simple stretches throughout the day.

All new office furniture required

Ongoing tweaks to setup

Changing habits – which could be disputed as a good thing! A new working setup promotes a refreshed attitude to work and projects.

So, would you consider a standing desk? We’re still undecided but if you decide to go for it, here are some great options…

Update: One of our web developers has taken the plunge with a standing desk and the other devs seem very intrigued. Lets see if this catches on!

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