Juicer fundamentals – choosing the right juicer

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The juicer has become the next big tool in health and nutrition. It has now also become the tool to own when focusing on weight loss. There have been diets around ever since humans started to worry about their appearance. Weight management has been something strongly associated with women. However, over the last two decades it has become a gender neutral issue. Any magazine will almost certainly include an article related to weight loss somewhere between the covers.

Both men’s and women’s health and fitness magazines feature heavily in weight loss and management. Juicing has become a key method to reduce calories, while still maintaining optimal nutrition. In fact Jason Vale, famously made juicing respectable in the UK nutrition world. The juicer has become the appliance that the toaster was fifty years ago. It is now a common feature in many homes. Juicing has become so popular that households sometimes have more than one.

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Which juicer?

The difference in nutrient loss has however become negligible as juicer design has improved, especially most recently.The centrifugal juicer is the most commonly sold type possibly because these models are the least expensive. The slow juicer works differently and due to its innovative design was more expensive. As they have become more popular, less expensive models have become available.The argument for slow juicer vs centrifugal juicer is that the slow juicer doesn’t produces as much heat in the process. Fewer nutrients are lost in the process.

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Why juice your raw fruit and veg?

The reasoning behind  juicing is that the closer to its natural state a piece of food is, the more nurtricious it will be. There is a school of thought that revolves around the idea that the more processes a piece of food goes through, the more nutrient rich elements will be lost. The closest we come to eating raw food in its natural state is through juicing. It has also been suggested that we should not be removing all the fibre from the fruit and vegetables that we juice. There is no evidence to prove that this is harmful. Most people when juicing will blend a fibrous fruit into their drink anyway, possibly something like a banana or an avocado.

Machine preferences

The preferred machine for those that can afford one, has been the slow juicer or the masticator. Times have changed and it is now not unusual to find a masticating juice machine in lower income households. When processing food into liquid form the centrifugal machine is still a choice worth considering. More recently centrifuge built machines have not produced as much heat as in the past, thus fewer nutrients are lost. This is in comparison to machines sold even five years ago. Centrifugal models come in different speeds.


An alternative to your juicer, would be a blender or a smoothie maker. In reality what these devices do is blend different fruits together. They do this without separating the juice from the flesh and thus the fibrous value remains. These have become known as a bullet. Perhaps the one machine that brough this method of liquidising fresh raw food is the Nutribullet. Most machines that blend fruits into smoothie like texture are now referred to as a bullet.

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Whether you’re looking for a quick way to get your five a day or are seriously considering a juice diet, there a number of things you will consider. Price , what will suit your pocket? Model, do you want a centrifuge or masticating model? Juice or smoothie – Is it a blender or a juicing machine?

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