Six cheap and simple tricks to drink more water

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We don’t want to tempt fate but if this week’s weather is anything to go by, summer is finally on it’s way  – meaning it’s time to dig out those shorts and soak up the sun (before it disappears!).   

As much as we all love the summer it’s important to remember that our bodies are made from up to 60% water, so we need to keep hydrated in the heat.  An adult needs approximately six to eight glasses of H20 a day and although that might sound easy, reaching that amount can feel like quite a chore.  

But do not fear, we have some cheap and simple tricks up our sleeve to help quench your thirst in the sun this year…

1. Get a filter

The UK bottled water market is worth a staggering £2.4 billion, now that’s a lot of money for something we can all get straight from the tap! You can change the taste and purity of your tap water by filtering it at home, with the use of a gadget like this Bobble bottle. Simply fill it up straight from the tap and it filters your water before you sip – it’s also BPA free too.

2. Track it

Tracking your water intake is the best way to make sure you’re getting enough throughout the day. You could splash out an illuminating bottle to remind you to get more fluid (we’re not joking take a look at this!)  – but we find this free app works just as well! Failing that, marking your water goals on the side of a bottle with a Sharpie works pretty well too.

3. One-for-one

We all know that sunny weather is the perfect excuse for a BBQ, which often comes hand in hand with booze. Save yourself some money on drinks (and your head from a hangover) and swap your bevvy for a glass of water every other round.

4. Add some flavor

We all know water just isn’t as tasty as that temping frappe-mocha-whatever from your favorite coffee haunt. But with 80% of Brits visiting a coffee shop once a week and 16% of us going every day, coffee can burn a serious hole in our pockets. To make water more appealing, try adding some fruit, herbs or cucumber into your glass.  This clever bottle makes it quick and easy to pimp up your pint – raspberry and mint is our favorite combination so far!

5. Swap your habits

Got a naughty habit that you want to stop? Smoking, snacking or even checking social media can all be used as queues to drink more water. Every time you feel the urge for a ciggie, crisps or Facebook etc. try making a glass of water to disrupt old patterns (you might also cut down on the cost of your habit while you’re at it!)

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