Secret Santa!

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flubit christmas

We’re finally into Christmas week! and to get everyone in their festive spirit we all exchanged gifts in a game of office secret Santa. With a mountain of presents perched under the Flubit Christmas tree everyone was full of excitement to tear through the wrapping paper and see what awesome, funny and even embarrassing gifts their anonymous senders had wrapped them…

excited bertie

Flubit CEO Bertie making sure he wasn’t left out.

Wrapping paper started flooding the office floors as people began unveiling their presents. Reactions of joy, laughter and surprise among the majority of the office with everyone receiving presents of thoughtful consideration.

My favourite was a gift Joanna received. It’s hard to describe it’s purpose or function but a naked turkey hat surely is ridiculously funny.


However, for one individual a sour taste was left in his mouth having unwrapped a framed certificate highlighting his runner up position in our winter season Flubit FIFA 16 tournament. I’m talking about the office’s most passionate FIFA 16 competitor Karan Johal, who despite having skyhigh confidence (something we don’t discourage) in reaching and crushing any opponent in the final of the tournament, instead found himself broken by no other than Bertie during the quarter final earlier that week in a 1-0 defeat.

karans christmas

Dave helps Karan stay composed after receiving his certificate of broken dreams.


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