Secret Santa Gift Ideas: Our 5 Faves

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Your Secret Santa’s Safe With Flubit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the season for surprising a colleague with an anonymous present on the last day of work before Christmas. Stuck for ideas? Don’t sweat it. Think of us as your very own elves, here at your service! Whether you’re looking for something for the class joker, the Friday night beer monster, the office nerd or the master baker, you’ll find the perfect prezzie to complement their character in our selection of awesome secret Santa gift ideas.

How To Poo At Work By Mats And Enzo

secret Santa gift ideas

Toilet humour, just £5.21

Anyone who works in an office will agree there’s always a smelly one. You know the person – the one who spends forever on the loo then leaves behind a stench so bad it almost chokes you. Come on! Why don’t they use air freshener and at least try to disguise the smell? Well, if you’ve been chosen to buy their secret Santa gift this year, this is the book for them.

3D Knitted Reindeer Jumper

secret Santa gift ideas

Total knit job, just £21.42

The Christmas jumper has become obligatory in recent years. If you don’t own one, you don’t own Christmas. Simple as. So why not surprise that shy and retiring colleague with something you know they won’t already have. This sweet sweater will instantly transform them from fuddy-duddy to fun in seconds with the help of our festive favourite, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Winner!

Pack Of 4 Jolly Awesome Shot Glasses

secret Santa gift ideas

Worth a shot at just £11.81

Every office has its group of pub-loving peeps and if you’ve been tasked with buying one of them a present, these might just be the most perfect secret Santa gift ideas you’re likely to come across! Say hello to this pack of 4 cheeky shot glasses. With cool graphics and even cooler slogans, they’re definitely worth a shot (or four).

Marvel Tin Lunch Box

secret Santa gift ideas

Tick all the right boxes for just £8.46

Need to buy something for the office nerd? No problem. Chances are they’ll love Marvel comics and pretty much anything a little quirky and retro. This officially licensed Marvel tin lunch box will come in super-handy for storing anything from sarnies to socks.

Harry Potter Cauldron Mug

secret Santa gift ideas

A magical cuppa, just £13.96

No office is complete without a colleague who categorically will not drink from any other mug but their own. And when someone else drinks from that mug all hell breaks loose. Sound familiar? Well, if you’ve been tasked with buying them a secret Santa gift, why not make sure everyone recognises their mug instantly by getting them something striking. This officially licensed Harry Potter cauldron mug features the Hogwarts crest and two sturdy handles to ensure the perfect cuppa. Magic!

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