Product Review – Samsung NX3000 Digital Camera

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For so long I’ve relied on my trusty phones to take pictures of the precious moments in life and of the random things I come across on a day to day basis. I’ve decided I need a real camera and after scouring the net and changing my mind about a million times, I decided to get a compact camera system.

The fantastic thing about this camera is that it’s connected and smart. What I mean by that is, I can upload my pictures to the cloud directly from it as long as I’m connected to Wi-Fi. This provides the same level of convenience and security that I currently have from my phone. I will also be able to share pictures via NFC with my other devices which is rather cool. The camera goes even further by allowing me to optimize my settings via a smartphone before taking photos using the Remote viewfinder app.

It’s also perfect for self-portraits as it the viewfinder can flick up to face you, and with smile and wink detection, snaps can be taken without the need to lift a finger.

Samsung NX3000 camera review

One thing I really love about this camera is the high quality pictures I can take with it; with a 20.3MP camera and 1080p recording quality, I expect nothing but flawless flicks. You can edit the photos right on the camera for a quick fix and then upload it straight to your social media profile. The other smart thing about this camera is that it acts as a baby monitor, you simply link it to an app in your smart phone and when it hears a noise or detects movement, you receive an alert on your phone; this is pretty ingenious and really shows how traditional cameras are learning from smart devices.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy this product very much and I’ll be sure to create another update filled with flicks that I’ve taken with it. The best thing of all was the fantastic saving I made by using Flubit to purchase this item, I definitely be back here to buy all my add-on products.


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