Product Review – LED Nail Lamp for Gel Polish manicures!

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We all love to look good but why should looking good have to include in an expensive trip down to the beauty salon just to get gel nails? Another pain when getting your nails done apart from the price is deciding what colour, shape and design to go for! Which we found out when writing about the best nail designs for summer. Well, not no more as you can now get salon results from home. Rachel Hutchinson who is a team member here at Flubit realised how much she was spending on her nails and purchased the equipment from no better place then Flubit! Here is what she has to say…

Rachel Flubit

“I love having gel nails but frequent trips to the salon can be very expensive so I embarked on doing them myself at home. Unlike regular nail polishes, gels need to be cured (set/hardened) under a specialists lamp.

The item arrived the day after I placed my order and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product for the price I paid compared to other LED lamps I’d been considering. An added bonus is that it includes extra features like a timer and a motion sensor so it starts automatically when you place your hand under the lamp and stops when the time is up. The bottom plate is magnetic so easy to attach and easily to remove for pedicures! The design is really sleek and the product is compact and easy to store. It cured my gel very quickly and gave me a professional finish in no time at all.

I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a gel lamp for either personal or professional use. I was going to fork out on a CND UV lamp and I am so glad that I gave this one a try first because it’s around £100 cheaper. It’s compact, lightweight and includes a motion sensor – ideal for a busy nail technician as you don’t need to turn the lamp on each time you use it, it activates itself when you insert your hand and the timer also pauses if you remove it half way through.

I wholeheartedly recommend this product, and even better that you can save money by using Flubit!”



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