Pregnancy supplements – The best there is for you and baby

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Pregnancy supplements become a consideration the moment you Discover that you’re expecting. It is a wonderful time, not only for mum, but also for the rest of the family. The first concern is usually the health of the baby. For baby to be healthy, mum needs to be too. Pregnancy really takes it out of the mother and her body becomes depleted of the necessary vitamins and minerals quickly. The best way to approach this is to supplement from as early on as possible.

Supplements not only keep both Mum and baby healthy, but will make coping easier for Mum. Taking supplements is recommended all the way through to the delivery. Defeating the fatigue, sore joint and morning sickness becomes an everyday task. Using the right supplements will go a long way in keeping the fight going.

Pregnancy supplements  – Omega 3 and 6 oils

Omega three and six provide the long chain fatty acids that are essential for the development of the brain, eyes, immune system and healthy skin, particularly in the developing foetus. When planning a pregnancy the supplement should be taken for six months prior to conception, during the prenantal period and then whilst breastfeeding in order to gain the absolute value from the supplement. Mum will suffer less from classic “baby brain” and will cope better overall.

Viridian Omega Oil for pregnancy is an absolute top choice of the pregnancy supplements available and contains only organic ingredients, making it super safe and a prodycut of choice.

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The body needs a host of vitamins, minerals and oils to work efficiently during the pregnancy. Not only to sustain a healthy baby that is growing at a superfast rate, but also to keep much at optimum health. its not expensive to invest in a multivitamin that tops up the depleted stores in the body. There are a number of pregnancy supplements in the multivitamin range and most are very similar. You will however want to find one that has the full range, such at the once a day Pregna Multi. It costs very little to make a big difference.

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Folic acid

Taking pregnancy supplements means that you support the nutrition of yourself and your growing baby. Apart from the important fatty acids and the vitamins that need replenishing,  minerals should form part of your supplements.These are critical to the lifelong health of yourself and your baby. Folic acid is a supplement is known to prevent birth defects such as Spina Bifida. It also enables the mothers body to continue converting iron to haemoglobin.

Folic acid is also known as Vitamin B9 and apart from pregnancy care provides other health benefits. These include supporting cardiac health, helping to prevent depressionand preventing diabetes.

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Supplements are the perfect preventative measure when planning for the happy event. It is however best to ensure that you eat well and follow a healthy diet. With the vagaries of morning sickness and the aches and pains of pregnancy this can become difficult. Fortunately we live in a world where information is easy to access and widely available. You may want to invest in a good book covering nutrition in pregnancy. Very few pregnant women want to spend hours on their feet cooking and cleaning. The best way to find workarounds is to tap into the experience of others.

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Once youve discovered that youre pregnant its best to get in early on preparation. Not waiting for the problems to start will mean that youre prepared for the long hail. You may decide to take pregnancy supplements or manage a strict diet regime. Either way you’ll be prepared. And it doesnt need to cost the earth to have a healthy baby.

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