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.Portable hard drives have changed the way that we collect and save digital information. Its hard to believe that only two decades ago a one gigabyte hard drive in your desktop PC was considered a luxury. The concept of a Gigabyte was new and novel. Nowadays only a Gigabyte of memory in the RAM is considered a shortfall. How far we have come.  Portability of digital data has become an accepted concept. It started with drives as low as 250 megabytes only a few short years ago, nothing less than one Megabyte in capacity will do for most people now.

Portable hard drives and versatile use

Because they can store almost anything digitally these drives are definitely multi purpose. All that is required is file compatibility with the system they will be connected to. Indeed many people now copy their entire DVD collections to the drive. so that they can have a vast selection of movies inside a container the size of their hand. Aside from music and Video, portable hard drives are useful for everything from, storing important documents, presentations for those that work remotely or off site or even for the ebook fanatic that loves to store their reading consumables in one place. This is very handy whether you a student, a professional or simply a leisure reader.

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Portable hard drives are getting smaller all the time, enabling us to transport more information at any given time. These devices are smart in appearance. Furthermorewe can now carry these devices in our pockets without anyone ever knowing. Think about it. Its like carrying 1000 of of the previous generations computers in your pocket!

Robust and Hardy

With the advent or easily portable and wearable technology, we have learned the hard way about how easily tech is damaged. Drop your phone or laptop just too far or hard and the hard drives will go pop. Portable hard drives are really no different. Except that the demand for more robust devices has led to the shockproof hard drive. This doesnt mean that they’re indestructible. It does mean that your’e less likely to lose your data due to slippery fingers or from slipping or falling.

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Hard wearing Robust drives such as the Silicon Power A65 Model are ideal if your luggage takes a beating. Easy with plug and play technology, its compatible with bot PC and Mac. Take it camping or let it keep your data safe on a rough train journey. Either way even your three year old may have trouble detroying this one.

Super Design

Desined well to withstand the worst of environments, you may want a pressure proof data storage unit. These are really useful if you fly in depressurised cabins (Who knows you may go skydiving with your data in pocket). Your baggae may however suffer the rigours of depressuried holds and airport baggage handlers. Taking extra precaution by investing in a well designed pressure proof portable hard drive, may well save the day.

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Suitable for everyone

Portable hard drives are also useful to store childrens movies, and games on. Investing in one that meets the robust standards of military grade devices means that your child can enjoy them too.  Grandma, can store all the pics of her grandchildren. If she drops it, it is unlikely to be a heartbreaking disaster for her.

When shopping around for a gift this Christmas even if the older folk arent very tech literate, remember a portable hard drive is plug and play. All they have to do is find the USB port.


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