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If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been crazy for kids’ toys and games lately! Well that’s because it’s Toys and Games Season here at Flubit!

To celebrate all the amazing toys we have at astonishing prices, we’re running a competition where we’re asking you to tell us your kid’s favourite toy (or yours when you were little!). We’re using all your fab toy nominations to put together the ultimate wish-list, which one lucky family will have delivered to their door in time for Christmas!

For every toy post we receive on Facebook or Twitter, we’re making a donation to The Children’s Trust, to support the great work they do for children with brain injury.

So… what’s currently leading the poll? Check out what’s proving popular with kids and parents! Perfect if you’re wondering what your little one might like for Christmas…


Leading by a country mile, Lego is no newbie to the kid’s toy box, but still as popular as ever. Lego Star Wars and Minecraft variations seem to be the blocks of choice for kids today, all of these are available at a better offer and sure to go down a treat when pulled from a stocking!

This set includes bricks of all different colours, providing endless options for building:

Check out these cool themed lego variations…

Transformers 4 Stomp and Chomp Gridlock

The Transformers 4 Chomp & Stomp Grimlock figure is a giant robot complete with a mighty sword ready to take on any enemy. True to its name, the Chomp & Stomp Grimlock can change to a dinosaur in one simple step with terrifying chomping jaws! Pair him with the included Transformers Optimus Prime mini figure for real adventures. The included figures activate different lights, sounds and weapons. Select your desired mode and get ready for some Transformers action!

My Friend Cayla

My Friend Cayla is not just a doll – she’s a real friend! You can ask her questions, from general trivia to her own likes and dislikes and she’ll tell you the answer using Google technology! Download the app and sync her with a smartphone and she’ll use speech-to-text technology to look up answers online and tell you them. But don’t panic – Cayla comes with a pre-defined list of ‘bad words’ and topics which Cayla will not talk about, so the world wide web isn’t completely opened up to the innocent minds of young ones.

Recommended for children aged 5 years +, My Friend Cayla is great at playing games and telling stories too! She’s got gorgeous hair to comb and plait, as well and a super cool outfit!

Etch a sketch

The one and only original Etch-A-Sketch, it never gets old. Ready for endless hours of fun and creativity, just turn the knobs left and right, up and down to create any drawing your imagination comes up with. To erase, just turn the Etch upside down, shake and the original drawing disappears ready to start over again.

This classic toy can be used to create imitations of famous landscapes and people, or just fun doodles – the possibilities are endless!

Teksta T-Rex

T-Rex is a real robot who responds to your voice, actions, motions, lights and sounds. Download the app and enjoy T-Rex’s state-of-the-art sensors which lets him express how he’s feeling if he’s being petted, fed, talked to, and played with. What’s more, T-Rex features hand gesture control, so with a simple movement of the hand, he can be instructed walk, stop, bend over and toss his bone. Just like a real dinosaur!

Whichever your little one is hoping for this Christmas, don’t miss you chance to win!

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