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flubit home and garden competitionMaintaining a garden can be hard work, and here at Flubit we feel as though the garden grafters who use our site deserve a little treat every now and then.

That’s why we’ve come up with a new competition to reward anyone who buys home or garden products through us – simply demand a deal on a home or garden product before midnight on Sunday to be entered into our fantastic prize draw.

The lucky winner will receive £250 to spend on their home or garden! Take a look at some of the bestselling garden products trending on Flubit right now – see anything that catches your eye?

Nilfisk X-Tra Big Accessory Pressure Washer
The pressure washer is a garden must-have. Muddy cars, lichen-covered patios, tatty garden furniture and countless other cleaning jobs are over in an instant with the help of a good pressure washer. This Nilfisk pressure washer comes with a host of different accessories suitable for almost any cleaning job you care to name, and its long-life metal pump means you’ll get years of service out of this powerful washer.

Hozelock Pro: 20 Pot Automatic Watering Kit
Green-fingered gardeners will be all too familiar with the amount of effort it takes to keep a garden looking good. There’s more to it than hard graft, too – you need to remember to keep all of your plants well watered and tended if they’re to bloom as you’d always imagined. The Hozelock Pro Automatic Watering Kit is a labour-saving device for any gardener – simply plumb it in and set the automatic timer to keep pot plants, hedges and borders perfectly refreshed throughout the summer. It can even keep your garden looking its best while you’re away on holiday!

Jumbo Size Paddling Pool
This summer promises to be a hot one, and we aren’t all lucky enough to live within a stone’s throw of the beach or wading distance of the nearest river. Paddling pools are as welcome in the summer to grown-ups as they are to kids, and at 269cm by 175cm it’s hardly surprising that this jumbo size paddling pool is an annual bestseller. Let the kids romp around in this when the weather gets hot to prevent boredom-induced tantrums during those endless summer holidays!

Hozelock 25m Compact Reel
During the summer the humble hose comes into it’s own. Whether you’re watering the garden, cleaning the car or filling up your new paddling pool, a hose is an essential item for every British garden. The only downside is the hassle of clearing it away again when you’re done. This 25m hose reel packs all the hose you’ll need for any garden task, while the manual reel means you can wind it back in again in seconds when you’re done.

Fiskars Weed Puller
Weeds: the gardener’s nemesis. Weeds are unsightly and suffocate other, more desirable garden plants, so many green-fingered Brits can be seen cursing on their hands and knees throughout the spring and summer, working away with sturdy gloves and harsh chemicals to rid their lawns of these unwelcome interlopers. The Fiskars Weed Puller, however, makes weeding your garden a doddle. Three stainless steel claws pull up the weeds without unnecessarily damaging your lawn, and you won’t have to adopt a painful stoop or crouch to do so!

If you can’t see the garden product you’re looking for in our list of bestsellers then don’t worry – we can offer you a great deal on thousands of other home and garden products just like them!

Demand a deal on a home or garden product before midnight on Sunday for your chance to win £250 to spend on great Flubit products.


You can find the full competition terms here!

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