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Flubit Points Saves you 20% on EVERYTHING


What are Flubit Points?

Think of Flubit Points like loyalty points or club-card points which you can use to buy items on Flubit.com with. You can earn Flubit Points for taking actions (such as cash-back when you buy), or you can buy Flubit Points with your credit or debit card. As an example if you had 0 points, and you bought enough Flubit Points to pay for a Computer Game listed on Flubit.com, those points would cost you 20% less, than if you you paid for the item at checkout with your credit or debit card. 


How do I use points? 

Using Flubit Points is so easy. Here’s how: 


1. Every item listed has a £GBP and Point Value

When you’re browsing Flubit.com and find an item you like, you’ll see the item has both a £GBP value, AND ALSO a Flubit Points value. You’ll also see that if you were to purchase that many Flubit Points, it would cost you much less than than the £GBP value.  Just like this: 


2. Get Flubit Points

It’s so easy to Get Flubit Points. Simply go here. There’s always a link on every Flubit Page, so you’re never too far away from it either. Just enter how many points you want, agree to the terms and conditions, and then on the next Page enter your payment details. 


3. The Points Are Yours

Once you’ve purchased the points, within 5 minutes the points will appear in your Wallet. You can see this at the top of every page (desktop), or in your Account (on mobile & desktop). 


4. Spend your Points.

Now just go through the checkout, and when it says payment, hit Flubit Points, and we do the rest for you! 


EASY, you’ve just saved 20%! Get Shopping



Q. Can you let me know a little more about Flubit Points? 

Flubit Points are based on the MonetaryUnit blockchain and crypto currency. 1 MUE = 1 Flubit Point. Behind the scenes you have a MUE wallet installed inside your user account. This means that, should you wish to, you can transfer your MUE away to another MUE wallet and use for external (non Flubit) purposes. Likewise, you can also transfer MUE into your Flubit Points. If you pay with MUE on Flubit.com (by choosing pay with Crypto) you’ll get the same savings. You can find your MUE wallet address inside the advanced settings of your account. 


Q. How can I save even more? 

You want more than 20% off every item listed? Well, okay! If you want an extra 5% off, simply become a Flubit Elite user, and make great savings! 

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