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Reviewed by Karan Johal, Head of Merchant Relations at Flubit.

So I finally got my hands on Playstation VR, was it worth the wait?


Firstly, you only get the actual VR headset. This means you must faff about buying other bits and bobs like Playstation Cameras and Playstation Move Controllers. How annoying!

These extra accessories are just as expensive (in relative terms) and hard to obtain as the headset itself. Somehow I have managed to obtain all the pieces to the puzzle and although my wallet has taken a battering, I must commend SONY as once the headset was on, the tedium I opened this review with dissipated into another world and what I was left with is something quite remarkable.

The first thing you will notice is how ‘3d’ everything looks and what a great sense of depth the SONY VR creates. Things pop and whizz at you, when you lean forward, your viewing angles move with you, it does feel amazing.

So far I have played Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, PS VR Worlds and Batman VR.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a Time Crisis on rails esq shooter, made even more fun by using the move controllers. I LOVE THIS GAME. It scares you. As a fan of horror, this game exemplifies the true potential of VR and how it can be manipulated for the horror/action genre. There are loads of jump scares and the game genuinely ups the ante as you progress.

PS VR Worlds is a collection of 5 games and the one I enjoyed the most was The London Heist by far. The game only lasts around an hour, but during this time you are tied up, escape, break into a vaulr, steal a diamond and then have a high-speed shootout on the m25! Its great fun and with the action so up close and personal, I struggled to put it down.

Batman VR is another technical marvel, from the point you enter the Batcave to the moment you wear the Batsuit and become the Batman, the game allows every boy (and man!) to live their childhood dream in stunning VR.

I have also played some other demos, the resident evil kitchen demo terrified and impressed me at the same time. However, these are just that: demos. More support is needed if we are to ever get fully fledged Fallout style 100-hour single player campaigns in VR.

Trying to figure out how to correctly wear the headset did also take some time, I’m still not entirely sure what the best method is and the lenses can clog up with mist that can make one feel slightly claustrophobic. The graphics can get blurry and are not anywhere close the sharpness I get on my 4k TV, but the immersion is on another level, and therefore I find it so fun.

Now, there is a lack of software for the VR and the only major triple A title being released for it is Resident Evil 7 which is out in January. Now, the jury is not out on the full potential of what VR can achieve, unless you simply must have all the newest toys, I would recommend you wait. However, if you do have the spare cash lying around, certainly you will absolutely fall in love with Playstation VR if you do decide to take the plunge.

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Do also remember that you will need a Playstation 4 to get this puppy to work in the first place. There is also a rumour that if you invest in the brand new Playstation 4 Pro, the resolution and framerates in VR games improve significantly. However, I have not had time to fully test my PS Pro with my VR yet to validate these claims. However, looking at the specs, one would assume that this news is true and could be another reason why you may wish to upgrade to a pro console.

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