Planner and Bullet Journal Tips: Make Your Planner Work for You!

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Create your own personal planner by knowing how to really use it. A few little changes can make forward planning and organisation easy to manage – and as fun or functional as you want it to be.

Here are some planner tips and tricks to make your planner work for you.


What is a Planner Notebook, Journal or Diary Planner For – and Which One Do You Need?

First, look around for a layout that works for you. Look for an organiser if you want more dedicated space for arranging your plans.

A bullet journal gives you lots of space for lists and life prep. A planner with dotted pages lets you compromise, or consider a diary planner with blank pages to customise and jot on. You can even borrow bullet journal systems like colour-coding to get more out of a week to view diary.


Separate the Big Picture and the Little Details

Set out monthly plans for the big stuff that won’t change, like payment dates and birthdays. Then zero in on the weekly view, and finally get down to the finer details.

Try a planner that combines weekly and monthly views if you want an easy way to do it.

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Break It Down with Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners

Take a tip from bullet journal devotees and simplify by breaking stuff down. Turn that long to-do list into a list of fun trips to take, a quick chore chart and most importantly, separate lists of immediate and long-term tasks.


Make it Yours, Make it Bright

Use colour-coded highlighters, pens and washi tape to add a bit of personality and make different types of plans and tasks stand out at-a-glance.

It’s another bit of bullet journal inspiration you can apply to a dedicated journal, and to any notebook or planner.

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What is a Habit Tracker?

Just make a simple grid with a ruler, write the days of the week or month along the top and the habits you’re focusing on down the left-hand side.

Tick, shade in or stamp that activity’s box on the days you get it done. You don’t have to fill every box, every single day – it’s about recognising habits and making manageable changes.


What Should I Put in My Habit Tracker?

Keep it simple and low-key because the little things add up. Instead of kicking yourself because you didn’t detox your diet, feel great because you drank a litre of water on 5 days out of 7. Great job, you!

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