Photography Books That’ll Have You Snapping Like A Pro

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Develop Your Photography Skills With Our Brilliant Range Of Books

Everyone’s a photographer these days, thanks to apps like Instagram making it easier than ever to snap and share shots. But if you’re fed up with filters, totally done with duck face and hacked off with hashtags, why not develop a hobby with a little more skill required. Photography and being able to manipulate images so they really look the part can be a lot of fun, but learning the tricks of the trade needs patience and the right source of information. Well, luckily, the Flubit team have put together a selection of the best photography books available online today so you can get started.

From books on focus-stacking and food styling to tips on capturing people and places, we’ve got everything covered. And whether you’re a beginner or already know a little something about snapping, we’re pretty sure there’ll be a book to cater for your needs right here at Flubit!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take off life’s lens cap and get snap-happy!

The Art Of Landscape Photography by Ross Hoddinott and Mark Bauer

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Develop your love for the land for just £11.28

Lose yourself in landscape photography. Put together by two of the UK’s leading landscape photographers, this stunning book showcases the principles of composition and aesthetic design. With dozens of lush outdoor scenes, we guarantee you’ll be yearning for a walk in the wilderness with your camera. And at the back of the book, you can discover how each shot was taken, with details of the camera used, ISO, shutter speed, aperture and much more.

Beginners Guide To Photography by Haje Jan Kamps

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Definitely worth a shot and only £11.74

Haje Jan Kamps is one of the world’s most read photography bloggers and has now crammed all his knowledge of capturing images into one handy book. Designed especially for beginners, this book promises no jargon, just the basics on how to use your camera and achieve those winning shots.

British Wildlife Photography Awards: Collection 8 by Maggie Gowan

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Take a snap on the wild side for just £14.87

Discover this dazzling collection of the very best of the British Wildlife Photography Awards, from over 150 of the winning, commended and shortlisted images from the 2017 competition. The book features a range of photography from world-leading professionals as well as inspired amateurs and captures the magnificent diversity of the British Isles. A must for any budding photographer with a lust for wildlife.

Food Styling and Photography For Dummies
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Camera-ready calamari, only £13.44

Everyone loves taking pics of what they’re having for lunch these days but what if you could do it properly? Transform your food shot skills from drab to fab with this brilliant book from the For Dummies range.

More Photography Books Than You Can Shake A Selfie Stick At

If you’re after more photography books, head over to our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

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