Online Retail: Discounting Goods Without Looking Cheap and Spending a Fortune

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Retailers use traditional online marketplaces (such as eBay and Amazon) for a number of reasons. For some, particularly those not yet blessed with a well-known brand, online marketplaces may be their primary route to market.

Others and you might be surprised at just how many big names do business in this space, will use them to clear distressed inventory (end-of-line stock, last season, returns, etc. etc.).

Regardless of how or why retailers engage with their customers via the various online marketplaces, it’s highly likely they will all be of the same opinion about the following facts:

  • Selling via online marketplaces is expensive.
  • Selling via online marketplaces is labour intensive.
  • Selling via online marketplaces gets more difficult by the day as intense competition (in Amazon’s case from the marketplace itself) forced margins down and destroys profit.

The fact is that selling on some online marketplaces is not as easy or profitable as it first might seem or the marketplaces promise.

Note: Some retailers may not wish to be associated with marketplaces because they believe they might tarnish or cheapen their brand to be listed publically alongside heavy discounters, refurbished goods and private sellers. – A Different Kind of Online Marketplace, does things differently.

The sister company of SKU Cloud, offer users unbeatable prices (on average 12% cheaper than Amazon) but:

  • Don’t charge listing or final value fees,
  • Don’t make it difficult to list and sell your products. In fact, if you can send a product feed to Google Shopping you are pretty much good to go.
  • Don’t directly position your products right next to your competitors’ listings encouraging them to beat you down on price.

A Competitive Market Where Everyone Wins

As the largest independent online marketplace in the UK, offers a competitive marketplace with a very real opportunity to sell at high volume while retaining acceptable margins and so protecting profits.

While other marketplaces might force you into an unsustainable race to the bottom by effectively comparing apples (professional retailers) with oranges (for example, hobby sellers), only works with quality retailers with access to new, brand-name products at competitive prices. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of retail environment you would like to trade in?

If your retail business would benefit from additional sales from, speak to SKU Cloud today to get started:

About the Author: John W. Hayes has over 18 years of experience in online marketing and e-commerce. The author of 3 books in his industry he contributes at numerous international events and various industry blogs. Follow him on twitter @john_w_hayes.

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